20 December 2011

Who You Gonna Believe... Me Or Your Lying Eyes?

Unemployment rate actually 11.04 percent. 
According to former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich, employment needs to grow by at least 90,000 a month just to keep up with the growth of the population. But, since the fall of 2008, the civilian labor force has actually shrunk from 154.7 million to 153.8 million, a contraction of about 900,000.
It’s not that fertility suddenly dropped or there was a massive plague. It should have grown by 3.24 million since then, but it didn’t. Which means working age adults are simply not being counted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS.
They are fudging the numbers.

Adding the 900,000 contraction to the expected growth, the total civilian labor force should be 4.14 million larger than is being counted, at about 157.94 million by now. And the unemployed should be about that much more larger, since if they could be counted as working, BLS would most certainly be counting them.
All of which puts the happy talk of the Administration into perspective. When the jobs numbers were released, Barack Obama lauded the result, saying, “We need to keep that growth going.”
What growth? Propaganda is not going to get those 28 million people into honest, paying jobs. It’s not going to help folks who are on the edge of foreclosure keep their homes. It’s not going to help new college graduates from getting started off in the workforce on the right foot.
The economy needs to be expanding in order to create jobs just at the natural rate of population growth. We’re nowhere near there right now, and we need to be.
All of which makes Obama’s job-killing policies all the more inexplicable, whether the regulatory burdens that will be imposed the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) carbon endangerment finding or through Obamacare, or his insistence on raising taxes on job creators. He constantly slings mud in a class warfare gambit that is suited for perhaps the campaign trail, but is hardly the leadership the nation needs right now and won’t create jobs.
In short, it must become competitive to do business here in America again. And that will probably not happen so long as Obama is in office. It is clear the nation needs new leadership ... .
Full story and links to UNSKEWED facts and figures are here.


  1. When I worked for the Colorado Department Of Labor & Employment, and I assume that it remains today, the Unemployment Rate was based upon the size of the labor force and the % of those drawing unemployment benefits. When benefits ran out for those, otherwise unemployed, they ceased to be counted. The result was, obviously, an Unemployment Rate that was always understated! Other than its impact on his re-election I doubt if B.O. really cares very much. From what I’ve seen, the B.O. Administration has done little more than take un-earned money (printing press or borrowed) and dump it into the Public Sector in the form of un-sustainable civil service jobs, make work projects and “transfer” payments none of which directly result in the productivity necessary to pay for(back) it! Sure, the Employment Rate make appear to go up but unless there is a burgeoning, private economy it will be largely artificial! If B.O. was the least bit serious about us having such an economy the Keystone Project would be “clinched”! But NO, not him, this weasel is withholding going forward with this very worthy project to appease “Enviro Freaks” that is until HE’s re-elected then he will turn around and screw them by approving the project to appear heroic to the rest of his fawning minions . But by that time Canada may have other ideas. The indecision of our Dear Leader must be costing them a bundle. But B.O. won’t care, as long as he is re-elected and our Economy continues to sputter or even get worse it will enable him to continue his plan to drive us into socialism! I’ve seen/heard several personality descriptions such as: arrogant, narcissistic, etc. How about this one, MACHIAVELLIAN ! To all of the @$$#0!e$ who still support this fraud, you know who you are, (you don’t know what you are) if this guy finishes with his plans you will suffer right along with the rest of us and you will have to answer to us, as well!

  2. "Weasel" is a good description, too.