06 December 2011

Obama Plays Pipeline Politics.

Kills 20,000 High Paying Jobs. 
From Life and Liberty PAC  
Afraid of angering environmentalists during a hotly debated election cycle, the Obama Administration has stalled a decision on construction of the Keystone Oil XL Pipeline -- and in the process killed the creation of over 20,000 high paying U.S. jobs. 
The Keystone XL Oil Pipeline is designed to increase the supply and availability of Canadian oil in America. Construction of the expanded pipeline alone will create an estimated 20,000 high paying jobs desperately needed in this economic crisis. The project also reduces our reliance on foreign oil supplied by terror states.
Just by virtue of having grown up and having worked in the oil patch, I think Rep. Fred Upton (R) from Michigan has a FAR CLOSER estimate of the jobs created and the barrels of oil we’re losing EVERYDAY. Upton, who is chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, says that the pipeline project could create 100,000 jobs. Upton also said, “Why is it that we’re not working with Canada, which will be producing more than 3 or 4 million barrels a day from oil sand ... ?”

But under pressure from leftwing constituency and radical environmental groups, Obama reversed his own Administration’s approval of the project, and has stalled it until after the 2012 general election. 
Claiming more research needs to be done to identify environmental impact, the Obama State Department has been interposed to delay the decision until 2013. 
The timing of the planned decision is of course the worst possible example of an Administration that cares more for the vainglory of re-election than for the needs of the American citizens it purports to represent.
By delaying the decision, Obama is attempting to escape a potential no win political situation. If the Administration approves the pipeline, they will lose the support of their extremist Left environmental base. If the Administration denies the project, they run the risk of alienating workers and middle class voters who care less about ideology and more about the current state of joblessness in America. 
So, the Obama Administration has chosen to posture as unable to do anything until after the election, when it will no longer matter who they offend.
Canada is losing money everyday that the pipline isn’t built. AND, it’s gonna get built... right to CANADA’S western coast and then go straight to CHINA!

Thanks a lot -- AGAIN -- Chief Idiot of the United States of Amerika!


  1. B.O. “has stalled it until after the 2012 general election.” I could write a very lengthy diatribe regarding our Coward-In-Chief. Suffice it to say, though, that if this Country has an ounce of fortitude left there will be a lot of energy projects, including the Keystone, that will open after “the 2012 general election”; because we will, once again, have a real President! It is my understanding that the fears of the Keystone pipeline threatening the Ogallala aquifer have been quelled by a proposed change of path. If that’s true there is no logical excuse not to go for it; screw the Greenies! B.O. is not only a Chicken $#!t but also an enemy of the American way-of-life! He seems to think that if we are interdicted from using fossil fuel we will just make it up in ‘green energy’ which, of course, for now and the foreseeable future is ludicrous! This fraud is Hell-Bent on the United States Of America becoming a mediocre Second World nation and his supporters are either accomplices or just too d@m^ stupid to realize what he’s up to! Oh $#!t he's about to speak-time to throw a brick through the TV screen!!!!!

  2. Well said, JB!

    "Brick thu the TV screen?" I don't even contaminate my electronics with his bullshit. I haven't listened to him since I heard the original platform of "Hope and Change" and I kept screaming, "HOW?! HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DO THIS, YOU STUPID BASTARD?!" It was a rhetorical question; I had a pretty good idea what the silly sonofabitch had in mind. Too bad I was right.

  3. "time to throw a brick through the TV screen!!!!!"

    That's "rhetorical", as well. I wouldn't want to contaminate the brick!