01 December 2011

For All You Gutless Wonder "Occupiers" Out There...

...why don't you go "occupy" this for awhile?!

The main reason is because you don't have the cojones!

The main, MAIN reason is because you'd get your whiny little asses kicked... NOT pepper sprayed!

The Idiot in Chief could take a lesson from the sign, too. How about doing some work for a change? As New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie rhetorically asked, "What the hell are we paying you for?"

I say, "Too much for too long for too little!"

Oh yeah... I forgot to add, Idiot in Chief, "You LAZY sonofabitch!"


  1. With regard to the morons participating in the Occupy Wall Street, our fraudulent ‘Occupier’ of the White House said this:

    “We are not going to have an America in which only a sliver of folks have opportunity,” Abomey said. “We’re going to have an America where everybody has opportunity. And it’s going to take time.”

    Since when did the United States Of America stop being “the land of opportunity”? “Opportunity” to this socialistic mountebank means that in “time” we will all be equally reduced to our lowest common denominator. That is the destiny of socialism. This @$$#01e wouldn’t care if we were eating out of garbage cans but for the fact that some were still affluent enough to generate the garbage! This piece of $#!t and his occupation of 1600 Pennsylvania is as indicative of a society in decline just as sure as the mass of “human waste” known as Occupy Wall Street is! The ‘bottom line’ seems to be that we are blowing off our own opportunity to have opportunity! If there aren’t some very significant changes in the next General Election-WE ARE DONE!!!!!

  2. Damn... I wish I'd said that, JB.

  3. Thanks for the forum!

  4. Upon further thought, it wouldn’t surprise me if one of those maggot infested attendees of the OccuFLY Wall Street farce becomes our President at some future time.

  5. You've got a very valid point, JB. Look at what, where and how we got what we have taking up oxygen in the White House right now!