08 December 2011

Fort Hood Massacre Was ‘Workplace Violence.’

Just about the time when I think I’ve heard it all from the Chief Idiot of the United States... 

Anything that I could possibly add would be anticlimactic. 
The Fort Hood massacre that took place on November 5, 2009 at Fort Hood, the most populous U.S. military installation in the world, located just outside Killeen, Texas, was the worst shooting ever to take place on an American military base. In the course of the shooting, Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army Major serving as a psychiatrist and a Muslim, killed 13 people, one of whom was pregnant, and wounded 29 others. 
Hasan is an American-born Muslim most likely radicalized by other American-born Muslims. Internal Army reports indicate officers within the Army had discussed what they characterized as Hasan’s tendencies toward radical Islam since 2005. Additionally, investigations before and after the shooting discovered e-mail communications between Hasan and Yemen-based cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who quickly declared Hasan a hero, as “fighting against the U.S. army is an Islamic duty.” 
According to U.S. government officials Anwar al-Awlaki was a senior talent recruiter and motivator who was involved with planning operations for the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda. Al-Awlaki was considered to be such a threat that the U.S. deployed unmanned aircraft in Yemen to search for and kill him. He was finally killed in a drone attack in Yemen on September 30, 2011. 
Now we learn that the Defense Department has reclassified the Fort Hood massacre as “workplace violence.” We know that Maj. Hassan​ shouted “Allahu Akbar” (Arabic for “God is Great”) after firing a total of 214 rounds at his fellow soldiers. When the shooting ended, he was still carrying 177 rounds of ammunition in his pockets, contained in both 20- and 30-round magazines. 
The act was premeditated. A senior law enforcement official said that a review of Hasan’s computer and his multiple e-mail accounts revealed that he visited websites espousing radical Islamist ideas.
From godfatherpolitics.com


  1. I’ve been accused by liberals of “Painting With A Broad Brush” when it comes to my views on Muslims. OK, maybe they aren’t all terrorists, of course not, but how in the #e!! can you tell which one is going to commit a terrorist act next. They epitomize stealth and spookiness to the degree that I can’t and don’t trust ‘a one’! I’m also not convinced that we don’t, in fact, have one occupying the White House! Destruction of an entire society (think ours) does not rely completely upon overt violence!

  2. Hey, can you post all the maradmins that were personally signed by President Obama? Because wanna know what you won't find is a DoD memo or a White House directive signed by Obama demanding this! But, don't let that stop you from your hatred!

  3. @ GeG: 1st point: I haven't got time, space or give a shit to post all the maradmins (whatever the crap that is)that the CIOTUS personally signed. And, the CIOTUS doesn't have to PERSONALLY sign any of them to become directives (sorta like Holder and the "Fast and Furious" scam.) It's on his watch. He's responsible. 2nd point: I won't.

  4. Well, Oooh-Rah Devil dog, thank you for the proof I sought. When bad things happen on Obama's watch he's responsible when good things happen it's in spite of him. Conservative "Logic"...

    Enjoy your Right Wing universe and have a fun time clicking the box for Mitt Romney and then watching him lose!

    BTW, maradamins are Marine Corps wide memos...

  5. Those who voted for B.O.were naive. Those who still support him after 3 years, with his record, are psychotic!

  6. "When bad things happen on Obama's watch he's responsible when good things happen it's in spite of him."

    The problem I see here is that the, so called, "good things" haven't happened!

    I think that GeG is more of a provocateur than just some lost soul who needs to believe in a Presidential impersonator.

  7. good things haven't happened...

    Ha ha ha ha ha....

    Yes we all rejoiced when Dick Cheney killed OBL in hand-to-hand combat and W flew his personal fighter jet and shot down those hijacked planes on 9/11.

    The problem is when conservatives blast BHO they things they say he is responsible for were the fault of GWB!

    Obama's Victory in 2012 is really gonna be sweet!

  8. You're one sick puppy, GeG.

    Besides, I think you got wrong on Dick Cheney killing OBL in hand-to-hand combat. The word we got was that your MoPed riding little, "best part of Obama ran down his momma's legs" Chief Idiot of the United States did the deed.

    IF that that little-girlie-weeniwhacker, Obimbo, SHOULD WIN, then I'LL PACK UP and I'LL MOVE TO CUBA. If I gotta live under a Socialists/Marxist/Communists rule with a bunch of "no-balls, yessur massa, I want the government to hand me my beans and rice, I-can't-think-for-myself chicken shits,'' I may as well be doing it on a warm sunny beach.

    It's hard for me to believe that, with your mindset, you EVER earned the title of United States Marine. Maybe you and EX Marine, John Murtha (may he rot in hell) belong to the same club.

  9. Hey, that's ok Mr. Old Breed. I'm just glad I kept you safe from 2000-2006! It doesn't offend me if you want to spit on my service now.

    I don't hold it against you that you hate and don't respect the brave service members who risked their lives for your comfort and safety or to ensure your tricare health coverage and pension. That's your right as an American to disrespect those who sacrifice.


  10. GeG,

    Is your, apparent, incoherent advocacy of a socialist/communist the result of a service related disability? If so, please allow me to express my heart felt condolence!

  11. Oh Heavens to Betsy JonBerg! What is the appropriate response to such an insult?

    Ah: JonBerg is your apparent incoherent ignorance the result of your parents having been brother and sister? I laugh at your inbred parentage!

  12. @ GeG: YOU protect ME?! It was guys like JonBerg and me who were protecting America FROM WHAT'S HAPPENING TO IT NOW before you were a gleam in your momma's eyes. Hell, your momma probably wasn't even born at the time. As for me, I don't need your pansy ass protecting me from ANYTHING. The fuckin' world needs protecting from me... and that includes YOU!

    I went to your profile and found you're "A diehard Generation X hold-out who refuses to give up slacking long after anyone cared to try and make him."

    Yeah, that tells me all I need to know. The fuckin' world owes you a living.

    As far as you go, GeG, you're one Marine I hope I NEVER have to come face-to-face with. If that should happen, you'd better bring a sack lunch 'cause it's gonna be a long-ass day! And, I can guaranfuckintee you the outcome -- you'll be sitting in one of your free clinics, waiting for four or five hours, to get stitched up and bones reset.

    But, what the shit? Trying to talk to a liberal is like trying to nail Jello to a tree. It don't work and why the shit try?!

    Adios, MOFO!

  13. "Oh Heavens to Betsy" -- Now THAT'S a fag term, if I ever heard one. I guess you finally got to come outta the closet, huh? Or, cesspool.

  14. GeG,

    Is your focus on incest the sign of a more deep seated problem or just a [childish] lack of originality? If it’s the former, you might consider auditioning for a re-make of “Deliverance”!

  15. Ha ha ha, the two of you doth protest to much methinks! Some gay panic and some rabid nonsensical anger. Whoosh, over the heads of JonBerg and Marine4Life two of the finest BLUE FALCONS who ever lived!

    Keep up the good work fellas!

    This is fun, I think I'll #Occupy your comments page for a while!

  16. Think so? That's what I always liked about my .50. If it don't need killin' - don't kill it. Consider yourself lit.



    Now that faggots are allowed to be in the Military you may have a chance to enlist or re-enlist.

    To M4e:

    Where did this idiot come from? I can't believe that he is anything but some adolescent seeking attention. No Marine could be so discombobulated! No guys, this is just some teen-ager trying to mess with adults who knows that he is and will always be a big loser for the rest of his/her life.

  18. Hey, BCTORM! Good to hear from you!

    "I can't believe that he is anything but some adolescent seeking attention."

    Yeah, I had it pretty well figured out on the reference to the "BLUE FALCONS." It's a cartoon character that's aimed at the four to twelve year old set that goes back to the 70-80's and re-runs on Saturday morning TV cartoons. I know this because I have an eight year old grandson. 

    Of course, he/she/it could very well have been in the military 'cause "blue falcon" is a military term (more Army, than not) for "buddy fucker." I know THIS because I had to hang with a lot of Army guys for about 12 weeks a couple of years ago.

    Whatever the case, I'd put my eight year old grandson up next to he/she/it, mentality-wise (or otherwise,) and I'd be guaranteed to win.

    So, GeG, if you're an eight year old -- sorry 'bout the rough language, but that's what happens when you hang with the big boys. Your momma needs to supervise your computer time a little bit better.

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  20. See, GeG... I told you I'd -- BAM! -- light you up.

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