06 March 2013

Ya Gotta Love It!

Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly erupted on the air with fierce anger Tuesday night, calling his network colleague Alan Colmes a liar during a heated discussion over alleged budget cuts by Barack Obama. 

O’Reilly launched into a tirade on Colmes for failing to specify any program President Obama would be willing to cut, other than entitlement programs such Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Read more and video here 
ALAN COLMES: I disagree with what he is being said here. $2.50 in tax cuts for every dollar in tax increases. 
BILL O’REILLY: That’s not specific. 
COLMES: Yes, he has.  He has offered cuts in Medicare. He has offered cuts to entitlements. 
O’REILLY: That’s not specific. He has to say here are the programs that are going to go down. Here is how we are going to reform Medicare and Social Security. And the man refuses to do it. 
COLMES: That’s not true. 
O’REILLY: Hold it, hold it, because now I’m getting teed off at you. Give me one damn program he said he’d cut? One? 
COLMES: He has cut entitlements. 
O’REILLY: Not entitlements. One program. 
COLMES:  Why do you want to yell at me for? 
O’REILLY: Bull—-! Because you are lying! You are lying! 
COLMES: Don’t call me a liar. Don’t you sit there and call me a liar. 
O’REILLY: You’re lying – here is the proof. 
COLMES: You don’t like the president. You don’t like what he is doing. Don’t sit there and call me a liar. 
O’REILLY: I am. 
COLMES: I’m not lying. We can have a disagreement without you calling me a liar. That’s not necessary. 
O’REILLY: You are lying here. 
COLMES: We are not lying. 
O’REILLY: Where is the proof? 
COLMES: There is difference between having a disagreement and calling me a liar – that’s a personal attack. 
O’REILLY: This is why I’m calling you a liar: Give me one program he would cut. 
COLMES: He would cut Medicare, and Medicaid. He has offered cuts to those programs. 
O’REILLY: That’s not a specific program. 
COLMES: You asked me a program. Those are programs. 
After a commercial break, O’Reilly mentioned in the next segment that “I was probably too rough on Alan.”
Naww, Bill... you should have come over the desk at him, snatched him up by the stacking swivel and choked the living shit out of him!


  1. Yeah Colmes "cut Medicare", a form of compulsory health insurance, that has been specifically funded by 'good faith' contribution(s) but raped by politicans! Colmes is nothing more than a smug slime ball. Given the circumstances, I think O'Reilly showed great restraint!

    1. And I still think O'Reilly should've choked the living shit outta the little weasel!

  2. He wasn't tough enough. He should have cut the ass wipe's balls off and shoved in his mouth. That's just my unbiased opinion.

    1. And an EXCELLENT opinion, I might add!

  3. Woodsterman,

    I agree,wholeheartedly, with the concept of what you say. However, in order for that to happen it requires BALLS to begin with. I must think that your reference to such is purely rhetorical; as he, obviously, has none!

  4. All that yelling is going to be nothing compared to the pain that's coming - but YIKES. You gotta watch that to see the body language on that one - Bill was about to jump across the table and throttle him - that wasn't just words - that was some male machismo being bridled there in such a tepid setting. With empress hairdo in the middle I might add.

  5. Why do people believe ANYTHING they get from The Daily Caller, or the vomitous Breitbart.crap?
    Anyone who hates Barack Obama IS in fact a racist and bigoted!
    Dumb is when you think the sequester is not going to negatively affect our economy. Apparently hoping President Obama will be blamed for this is more important than our economy to some people. Does Barack Obama hate America? No, just you Barack Obama threathened Bob Woodard? No Is Barack Obama an Evil man? No Is Barack Obama a Muslim? No Is Barack Obama an Evil man? No Is Barack Obama pathological Liar? No Is Barack Obama destroying America? No Is Barack Obama a Communist? No Is Barack Obama a Marxist? No Is Barack Obama a Narcissist? No Does Barack Obama hate America? again.. No Is Barack Obama a traitor to America? No In conclusion… stop watching FOX How insanely freaking dumb are you people to believe that the president of the United States of America hates his own country? Calling the President a dictator in any way, shape, or form is beyond idiotic. Learn what words mean, and stop just using emotionally-charged,evil sounding words to slander people who you don’t like for whatever reason. All you people that are suggesting impeachment on this innocent President, I suggest it’s time you started to publicly execute the KKK for their atrocities against anyone that is not on their side such as the Catholics, Blacks who are not that color by choice, Hispanics same way and off course Homosexuals.
    You people are disgusting disgraces to human being! You slimeballs are the definition of a hate group! and All it took was a black man to become President to show what disgusting hateful azzholes you are!

  6. Dearest Anon, Anonymous is another word for coward. Why Marine puts up with you only he knows.

    Dumb is when a brainwashed society that thinks a sequester of 2.4% of a make believe budget will amount to a hill of beans. Dumb is thinking a government that created the problem can fix it.

    1. Awww, Odie... you already know why I let idiots run their heads here... FOR THE LAUGHS!

      These are the dregs of society that want everything for nothing and can't wait to beat our swords into number 5 golf irons and other fun stuff to play with. Then, when the wolf comes calling for blood, they'll be the first to cry for help. As usual, it'll be people like us that will have to pull their stinking asses outta the shit they've created. And, of course, we'll have to do it with a minimum of swords because the STOOPID maggots have melted them down to make Ferris wheels out of.

      BTW, A-noun-u-mouse, why don't YOU look up the word 'dictator,' you simple shit-for-brains? If Merriam-Webster hasn't defined Down Low Bath House Barry to the nth degree, I'll kiss your ass in front of the post office on a Saturday morning and give you two hours to draw a crowd! HEY! That ain't gonna work... the post office has gone belly-up. That's YOUR government for ya!

  7. I see that they let The Question Man out of his cage, again.

    JB, AKA:The Answer Man

    1. Right you are, The Answer Man!

      -- Chuck (AKA Lars, ever since Bath House Barry decided he was Irish -- Irish -- BWHAHAHAHA!

  8. I can't tell you how good it felt to read what you think O'Reilly should have done to him...I can't stand that ghoul Colmes, any more than Bob Beckel....

    1. And that's why they don't let people like me participate in live audience type stuff, Z. I would have been yelling, "Sic him, Bill! SIC HIM! The most likely scenario would have been me jumping up on the stage and throttling the little rat face myself, though.

  9. Alan Colmes looks like an extra-terrestrial -- and his "facts" are just as alien too.

    PS: Love Odie's comment above!

    1. "Extra-terrestrial" -- yeah, that was the word I was looking for to describe Colmes, AOW. ONE of a GROUP of words, anyway.

  10. Z, AOW:

    Yes, I've always noticed Colmes' remarkable resenbalance to the "Grinch". Perhaps, only his makeup artist knows, for sure, how to cover his green skin!