27 February 2013

As If There Was Gonna Be Any Doubt...

Whatever Down Low Bathhouse Barry wants, Down Low Barry's gonna get.

The only GOP support Chucky was going to get was from Cochran, Shelby and Johanns since they wussed out and announced earlier that they were going to support him.  That fourth vote came from Rand Paul. 


I had some hope for Rand Paul.  Until someone can come up with a REAL GOOD explanation about why he caved, I don't know that I have that much goody-goody feelings for him right now.

That's two down and one to go.  We've got John 'Commie' Kerry, who is stupid; Chuck 'I've Been Drunk Since 1968' Hagel, who is dangerous and the only other one left is John 'The Stooge for Jihad' Brennan to head the CIA, who is both stupid AND dangerous.


  1. "Rand Paul"

    I'm in the process of asking my friends from KY to see how this could happen. One, currently, lives in Nebraska???? I'll get back if there is anything to say. OMG!!!!!!!

    1. I had to do a double-take when I read it was RP.


  2. Hey,

    Everytime I see Hagel he seems to be on one big hangover. I know this because I've had pleanty but I'm not the Secretary of Defence. Unless there is something that I don't know, this appointment smacks of even more ominous shit than I ever thought of. We, as a Nation, may be on the biggest divide that has ever happened, perhaps more-so than, even, the last one! Hagel is but a "trick up the sleeve" for B.O. but I'm not sure why yet.

  3. I've been getting emails from Rand Paul. I plan on unsubscribing and telling him why.

    1. I've been flooded with the same emails, Odie. From what I was seeing and hearing about him, he was beginning to look like a good prospect. NOT NOW!

      I'm gonna tell him EXACTLY WHY, too!

      (The whole country [with a FEW exceptions] has turned into pantywaist wusses.)

  4. I had hopes for Rand Paul, too....his explanation of why he finally voted for Hagel wasn't good, either.
    This president's holding something over people and I can't quite figure it out. There's something odd going on.
    But forget Rand Paul; How about that jerk mcCain saying, and I paraphrase but have the gist of it"the president should have the appointees he wants"
    I vote for canceling hearings...what's the point?

    MAN, we are SO cooked. I've been getting emails from friends who are really disappointed about Rand Paul; I was just starting to like him more, but this pretty much soured me.

    1. I’ve been out of the loop since before 0 dark-thirty today, so I don’t have any idea of what the ‘explanation’ of Paul’s vote was. I doubt I’ve missed anything... except, maybe, a good laugh.

      I did write an e-mail, yesterday, to some address that looked halfway viable for him. I asked a simple question, “WHY did you vote for Hagel?” I got the standard return of “My office will be in contact with you shortly.” I’m waiting with bated breath. Yeah... like when hell freezes over and monkeys fly out my butt.

      The only thing I can say about McCain is... the NVA must have done a number on him. Some of the crap he comes up with sounds as bad, if not worse, than Hanoi Jane (Fonda.) I appreciate the fact that he was held captive by the enemy, tortured, maimed and went through hell... BUT...

  5. Hagel was out the door. McLame pulls him back in, then doesn't vote for him so he can appear to be a conservative to his MORON base.
    Rand Paul votes for him and explains why "Geedle Gaddle, Fiddle Faddle!"

    What a place.

  6. I gave up on McCain a long time ago. Ron Paul, was a bit beyond reality. Rand Paul seemed to be getting some traction, obviously, no more!!! I know that there has NEVER been a viable 3rd Party but where do we go? We have a > 51% of people who wish to suck from everyone else (voting DemocRAT) and an apparent bunch who have no way to stop it, known as Republicans. I'm starting to hear from folks as much as 20 years younger than me that it will never get fixed, if ever, in our lifetime!!! Sorry but Please, Please, prove me wrong!

  7. Disappointing, yes, but it was never about Rand Paul. We follow an idea of America and there are more of us than we sometimes give ourselves credit for. A champion will come forward.