05 September 2012

For All You Democrats Out There...

this is for YOU!

I realize that a bunch of you won't be able to attend the DNC in person or that you might miss some of it on the tube or (with your mentality) probably just forget it's even happening. 

So, here's your condensed video. Enjoy!


  1. Excellent, short, and succinct: a 5.0 effort! Your product reminds me of another excellent cartoon message from the 1940s.

    1. Wow! I guess there's some truth to the saying, "What's old is new" -- or, something like that.

      The link that you sent is OUTSTANDING because we (Texas) had a governor in the late 1930's -- Wilbert Lee (Pappy) O'Daniel. O'Daniel ran for the Senate in 1941. His opponent was New Deal congressman Lyndon Baines "May He Rot In Hell" Johnson. O'Daniel won -- but in 1948 he gave it up and came back to Texas. In O'Daniel's words, "There was only slight hope of saving America from the communists."


  2. LOL ... very good! Don't be surprised if you get a nasty letter from the first lady or aren't invited to the next White House Soiree.

  3. THAT is PERFECT! "that's all folks!" I wish!

    Did you hear that the head of SOlyndra is there, but literally ducked cameras as they found him...and slinked away? :-)

    1. Slinked away with how much cash in his pockets for being the front man for Obimbo, did you say?

      Mrs. Z, I’m going to take the opportunity to reply from here to what you left on YOUR OUTSTANDING blog. (To all: please forgive me if I use the word ‘outstanding’ to where it grates on your nerves. It’s a Marine Corps habit that I just can’t seem to break when describing something, somebody or somewhere that’s just... OUTSTANDING!

      “Mustang’s writing for geeeZ and he’s a HUGE HIT!” --
      That he is, Mrs. Z! You got an OUTSTANDING one there!

      “Marine4...you might enjoy some of Mr. Z’s pieces (see my LABELS under MR Z) ...he was my husband from Germany who loved America so much and passed away almost 3 years ago. He’s written some good stuff!”--
      I plan to Mrs. Z. Mustang has filled me in on a lot of the details about you and your husband. May I offer you my sincere condolences? I wish that I could have known him. I will get to know him as I read his writings.

      “I’m so glad you’re here.” --
      It’s my pleasure to be able to take part in your site... and I’ll keep it clean! Thank you for allowing me to participate. As my brother-in-law says, “I’m sometimes wrong, but seldom uncertain.”

      “YOUR BLOG IS TERRIFIC and Mustang says your graphics/images are some of the best ever and I have to agree!” --
      As that great literary genius Dizzy Dean would say, “Who woulda thunk it?” I’m just an old oil field, drilling rig roughneck that, by the Grace of The Good Lord, was given an opportunity to get into advertising and graphic design -- among other things.

      “Mrs. Obama; why’s she think she knows better what we should or can EAT?? She’s not DR Michelle Obama, right?...just another fascist who thinks she knows better?” --
      The First Wookie (better known as ‘Double Wide’) had to take up the field of nutrition since she ‘relinquished’ her law license.

      “I’m REALLY curious about who they drug out from Bain Capital to speak; there are supposedly two people. Maybe Romney killed yet another woman or man, huh?” --
      I’m REALLY curious about how much they had to PAY these sleeze balls they found. EVERY company is going to have disgruntled employees. The trash from Bain just happened to hit pay dirt. Maybe, after the dust settles, they can do some time for perjury or lose everything they DON’T have for character assassination. That goes for A LOT of pond scum floating around out there that the Democrats have manipulated.

      “JonBerg, a very hearty welcome to geeeZ!” --
      Ain’t that JB something? OUTSTANDING!

      Have a great day, Mrs. Z!

  4. OUTSTANDING! I'm sharing this with many!

    I wish you'd known Mr. Z like Mustang did, too.
    Do you know that, with all my large family and circle of friends here, Mustang's flowers were the very first to arrive by florist truck the day after Mr. Z died? Later, it was like a florist shop in here for weeks, but I'll NEVER forget my surprise and wonder at Mustang's kindness when we only knew him through emails, etc. Isn't that something?

    I'm really glad to find your blog and will wear OUTSTANDING with pride :-)

    thanks! ZXXXX

    1. Mustang (I call him 'Colonel' in our conversations -- mainly out of respect because he IS an officer in the United States Marine Corps [there are no 'ex' or 'former' or 'priors' in the Marine Corps -- barring a FEW exceptions] and because I believe I've gotten to know him as well as one can, via our e-mail conversations, and I respect HIM as man and a true officer and gentleman. Mustang's flowers: I would expect no less.

      As the colonel told me, you truly are an OUTSTANDING woman, Mrs. Z.

      May God and His Son, Jesus Christ, continue to bless you, Mrs. Z, and the loved ones with you.

      Semper Fi.

  6. Another fine post Marine. Outstanding! My only question is about the hand warmer. I'd rather have seen a push button flushing TOILET! Much more fitting. Most of the various State highway rest areas would provide you an easy chance to snap a picture of one.