05 September 2012

And In Other News...

Obama Allows Debt To Reach $16,000,000,000,000.00

(That’s $16 Trillion!)

Ooops. My bad. Here's an update:

It’s Not $16 Trillion --

It's $222 Trillion! 


  1. I keep hearing the same bullshit from the DemocRATS to the effect, that had it not been for B.O. we would be in a ten year depression. Apparently: >$6,000,000,000,000 in additional debt, 23,000,000 un-/under employed, a 40% reduction in per capita net worth and no real signs of forthcoming improvment means that HE has saved us (?)

    1. My wife wanted to go see "2016." When we got out, I told her, "That was just the tip of the iceberg." She's ALL infatuated with it now and there was not ONE thing in it that I haven't told her about a thousand times. Ever hear the saying, "No man is a prophet in his own land"?

  2. Several years ago, a fine American by the name of Zell Miller spoke at the RNC. Miller served in the Marines during the Korean War. He was a democrat for his entire political life ... and then he suddenly became a Republican.


    He explained it this way: "I never left my party; my party left me." We used to have Americans who were democrats and we argued with them all the time, but we all had America's best interests at heart. Now we have Republicans and Communists. There is nothing these Democrats/Communists have to say that interest me. Zip. So I think we should all agree never to say "democrat" in public, ever again.

    BTW ... this is a GREAT blog!

    1. Thanks for the 'Attaboy!' Sam. I ain't too bright, but I try real hard.

      I know what Miller was saying. That's what I've been saying, too. At one time, Democrats and Republicans could reach across the aisle and shake each other's hand. No more. Hell, there was a time, here in Texas when you could fill the Astrodome with people -- if you found five Republicans, you'd be doing good. Now, the only place you'll find a Communist (Democrat) is in Austin... But Austin's ALWAYS been weird.

      I'm with you, Sam -- from now on 'THEY' will, forever more, be known as COMMUNISTS!

  3. People argue that Barack Obama is not a socialist. He just loves giving away free shit. Well, the way I look at it, a socialist is what a socialist does. Obama and the Democrats are socialists.

    So what?

    Well, let's ask someone who really knows what this is all about: Vladimir Lenin. He said, "The purpose of socialism is communism."

    The prosecution rests.

    1. The prosecution has ALL the evidence needed to rest its case -- and none of it's circumstantial!

      The question was asked, at a meeting that I was in, if anyone could tell them the difference between socialism and communism. No one volunteered to answer, so I figured I'd put my two cents worth in. "Socialism is just a watered down version of communism." I got a gold star beside my name.

      Obimbo is a Communist, but Putin can whip the shit outta him.

      Hell, my 16 year-old GRANDDAUGHTER could whip the shit out of that hermaphroditic after-birth of a goat herders' gang-bang.

  4. Hey Marine, from 1 Vietnam vet to another, THANK YOU for your service! I saw your comments over at GEEEEZ'z blog and thought I'd better drop by and check out your digs. Nice place, I'll be back.

    I will be stealing:

    "A Viet Nam veteran STILL TRYING to DEFEND the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES against ALL ENEMIES, foreign and DOMESTIC. My oath DID NOT STOP when I took off the uniform."

    I would imagine that most of the 3 million of us feel the same way. Of course we know at least that asshole John Kerry and his buds aren't with us, but I'm sure the majority are.

    Did you happen to notice that none of the communist speakers at the DNC dared to even mention the $16 TRILLION debt? If it comes out at all, which I doubt, it will be attached to "all Bush's fault!"

    1. Glad to have you aboard!

      Hey -- you can't steal what's free! See something that needs passed around, have at it!

      John Kerry can kiss my rusty-red ass and rot in hell with the rest of his Communist bros.

      $16 TRILLION! And it was 6.3 when Dubya left office. Lest we forget -- and we're damn sure never reminded -- that a couple of trillion of that came the last two years Dubya was in office and the Communists had control of what I now refer to as the Whore House.

      Communist sonsabitchs and their little limp-wristed, lolly pop sucking, hermaphroditic after-birth of a goat herders' gang bang, shit head.

      And, NO!, I DON'T feel ANY BETTER!

  5. P.S.--You are now on my blog list.

  6. I'm here at work so no "Z" , but just wanted to say I agree with your post, laughed at your wife's reaction (why DO weDO that?) and love that your blog and mine have benefited from great bloggers coming to each of ours through the others'!
    OOORRRAAAA! :) and SF!

  7. I'm with you, Mrs. Z. Sorry, but I get a little rough around here. It's just been beat into me.

    I've tried the 'nice guy' approach several times in the oil fields, the Marine Corps and in business before the days of PC... and found out why nice guys finish last.

    Just don't kick me off your site. I PROMISE to be good. (I'm gonna try, anyway.)

  8. I'd say "I like a little rough" but you know what THAT might infer so I won't :-)...suffice it to say that I meant it at my place when I said a little rough language and insults (to CREEPS) is not only allowed, it's welcomed, depending on my mood...which is usually open to it! Sometimes people go too far but I sense you know exactly how far you can go with me.
    Man, Marine4, I think I've just proposed to you in two ways!! Please tell your wife the 'double entendres' were innocent!
    HA!! XXX me

    1. I wouldn't worry about it too much, Mrs. Z. Even back in my younger days, my wife used to tell me that I was about as useless as a dog chasing cars. If I'd caught one, I wouldn't have known what to do with it. Now, I just lay around on the front porch and don't even bother to raise my head when one goes by.

      Old dogs. Looong sigh.

      But, I did get a laugh!

  9. Marine4, glad you laughed! I was laughing as I typed and kept realizing what it sounded like! :-0)
    I love that your wife knows you and trusts you; I felt the same about Mr. Z; something that's not that common with couples. You're lucky!

    1. "You're lucky!"

      I can't express HOW LUCKY I am to have my wife! It would fill a set of encyclopedias to describe all that she's gone through because of, and for, me.