13 February 2013

State Of The Union Address: So, What Else Is NOT New?

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Tuesday said that President Obama delivered “the most pro-government speech since LBJ” in his State of the Union address. 
That should make any flaming ass liberal happy and I’m sure LBJ is wandering around the halls of Hell, fanning the flames, puffing his chest up and saying, “If I had a son, he’d be just like Barry! Damn, I’m proud of that boy!”

Of course I didn’t watch it and, apparently, all I missed was hearing that we need more Big Government -- as if that weren’t to be expected.

I did make sure that all my television sets and radios were turned on during the total waste of air time... turned on and tuned in to anything but Down Low Bathhouse Barry. Turned on, because the Lame Stream Media counts all sets that are on during the coverage; tuned in to the ‘Travel Channel’ or a cooking show so there would be that many less they could count as having watched the ‘Farce of the Season.’ 

Appearing on CNN, the former presidential candidate cited Obama’s claim in particular that his initiatives “will not add a dime to the budget,” and predicted that such a claim would come back to haunt the president.  
“That’s the line that will cripple Barack Obama,” Gingrich said.  
Obama used the phrase repeatedly while reeling off a laundry list of new programs he wants to implement. 
I would doubt very seriously that Obimbo's line about not adding a dime to the budget will hurt him. Just like everything else he's done and said, he'll either deny it or ignore it until it dies a monotonous death.
Gingrich thought the speech clearly defined the president as a liberal.
We need you to tell us that, Newt?
“He’s legitimately a liberal,” Gingrich asserted. “He believes in big government. He wants the money.” 
Gingrich likened the president’s initiatives to an unrealistic family vacation. 
“If we plan a trip to Disneyland, we can go almost for free . . . if we save all our bottle tops,” he said.
A complete waste of air time? Affirmative. More of the same... just MORE of more of the same. 


  1. We are out of money; in case no one has noticed. It's just a matter of time until reality raises its ugly head! The "Sheeples" had a chance to turn this around; they blew it! While the problem seems interminable, at least some fun would be 'Open Season' on Liberals! OK, they don't like personal ownership of "firearms", let's give them a reason; they have certainly given us a reason to have them. Anybody that supports Obama EATS SHIT and deserves to die, early, !!!!!

  2. Did you catch the great closeup of Boner just after he quaaludes kicked in?

  3. We are out of money, Berg?

    Speak for yourself, I just cashed in over 100,000 in capital gains and it gets taxed at a lower rate than your lousy bank CD interest.

    Man you folks are suckers.

  4. Hey Duckling,

    You can say anything that you want about your,percived, personal finances and no one could prove you right or wrong. That's not the point! The point is, as a Nation, we are very broke. Perhaps you are not aware of this so I'll try to help you understand. Here is a link to the Debt Clock. It's indisputable and I cant't really believe that you are/were unaware of it. If you add un-funded "Entitlement Programs" obligations to the >$16.5 Trillion of Fiscal debt it becomes as much as >$90 Trillion. Don't try to tell anyone on this blog that [we] aren't broke; you will only make a bigger fool of yourself!

    If you dare: http://www.usdebtclock.org/

  5. Duckling,

    Oh, BTW how's that 'solar' doing for you lately?

  6. I nominate the US Marines to fix the problem, they say more with 10 words than Obama can in an hour, will cut the $#!+ in 5 minutes.

    Enough damned talk already. Seriously. I get sick of John Boehner "Saying" things - impeach the guy already, Clinton got impeached of a sexual cigar! This guy, "President Teflon" has more than enough to sink him, but...no, Boehner doesn't want to be partisan.

    I actually cared even less about what the Republicans had to say in response than what Barry had to say. Because, while Barry talks, at least I know he's going to do something when he's done (even though I would rather we just paid for him to be on vacation in Hawaii for 4 years - the less he does the better). Republicans are a worse waste of air than Obama is.

    1. Unchain us and we can cut the bullshit to less than 5 minutes.

      One of my friends (who just happens to be Black, BTW) and I had a conversation about the Dems and Reps. about two weeks ago. He voted Republican but says, "Maybe it's time for a third party."

      I told him that before this last election, I would have argued with him about that. I'm thinking the same way now.

      Boner was a crybaby when he took over and he's been a wimp every since. There were times when he had 'em by the nuts... and he just rolled over. He needs to go back to the tanning salons and spend the rest of time he has on his hands in the dental chair keeping his teeth whitened.

  7. I had planned on having guests over to play a drinking game while we watched the SOTU. A glass of your favorite adult beverage every time Down Low Bath House Barry says the word "investment". I'm still cleaning up the vomit. But nobody came over and I didn't drink.

    1. You really WATCHED and LISTENED to that crap?!

      Tell me that's a bull shit story; lie to me, if you have to.

  8. Replies
    1. It was a whole lot more educational, too, wasn't it, Odie?!

  9. I mentioned how the killer cop news broke into coverage immediately after the SOTU speech, too..you found a GREAT cartoon.
    But, that's America today; more important to discuss the cop killer than N Korea and their nuclear programs and ability to sell to Iran. Or a president's speech that promises caviar on a less than beer budget.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Marine4!!xx

    1. Hee-hee. I heard (or, read -- the way my mind is going, it's hard to... what were we talking about...?) Oh, yeah... N Korea. Anyway, at the rate they're going, in a couple of years they should be able to strike any city in the U.S. They already have the capability to hit Alaska. A long time ago, I had heard (or, read) that, in their own twisted logic, the nuclear arms thing is a way to try to get attention from the rest of the world because they don't want to be social outcasts anymore. Whoooa, go figure!

      Happy Valentine's Day back at ya, Z!!xx

  10. It could have been a much shorter speech. The State of the Union is FU. I for one would have at least appreciated that kind of honesty.

    1. Nope. There is nothing Obama can say that I want to hear.

    2. Whew... you scared me there for a minute, Colonel!

  11. How in Hell did we get a semi Jig-A-Boo to run (ruin) this Nation? TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. OK, OK WE didn't! I didn't mean to say that [we] did.