11 November 2012

Veterans Day.

I got to thinking this morning...

My prayer is that ALL my brother veterans, that have gone on before me, are now peacefully in the arms of God. Their battle is over. When my time comes, I'm hopeful that I will be with my Brother Marines, guarding His streets in Heaven.


  1. Hope your Veterans Day was a good one. Our little town had a color guard of 16 flags this year(3 units, Legion, VFW, and Veterans Council). That HAS to be a local record! What an inspirational sight.

  2. "I never met a veteran who fought for socialism." No, but I bet you shot a few!

  3. AA,

    GOOD ONE! I only wish that I'd thought of it.

  4. Marine4ever,
    Thank you for your service.

    Yes, I'm a day late to this post. Just one of those scheduling things. I lost time over the weekend because Mr. AOW took a bad fall; I had to call 911. After all that, I was exhausted and just fizzled out.

  5. I can't wait for the next one Devil Dog!

    1. You know what, JB? AvAm has a DAMN GOOD POINT ("No, but I bet you've shot a few!") when you put it in context.

      Uhoh... here come the black helicopters and SUVs!

      I think I'll do a graphic on the New World Order for my next post material. That is, if I can wade through all the Big Brothers Are Watching and get to my bunker.

  6. "I think I'll do a graphic on the New World Order for my next post material."

    Damnit, I waiting!