28 November 2012

"Give An Honor To…Our Lord & Savior, Barack Obama"

Actor Jamie Foxx At Soul Train Music Awards: “Give An Honor To…Our Lord And Savior, Barack Obama.”

The FIRST thing I learned in the Marine Corps was that there was only ONE color: GREEN. 

So, before you start yelling, “RACIST,” know that I have friends of EVERY color. Some may even be polka dot...  I really don't care. But when I read the head to the article, I went ballistic. 

Mustang sent me the article to stir me up. He succeeded admirably.  My first thought, after reading the ‘lord and savior’ part, was: “Yeah? And how is yo gonna be feelin,’ mofo, when Jesus done come up side yo nappy head and knock the fuckin’ shit outta yo mofoin’ ass, Dip Shit?!”

And while I’m bitching:
Numb Nut Alert... 
Congratulations to the GOP for losing the easiest election of our lifetimes. Over the past four years, Obama has been exposed as a liar, a fraud, a charlatan and a scam. We’ve seen his policies of racism, divisiveness and class warfare tear at the fabric of our society on a daily basis. We’ve seen the national debt go up by $5 trillion during his watch. We’ve seen the value of the dollar go down dramatically over that same time.

We’ve seen ambassadors killed overseas while he sits around and laughs it up with daytime talk show hosts. On top of it all, we’ve seen an endless amount of buyer’s remorse from people who voted for him the first time around and swore they would never do it again. Yet, even with all of this -- and an economy in complete shambles -- we still lost. 
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  1. Is this clown for real?

    "Congratulations to the GOP for losing the easiest election of our lifetimes. Over the past four years, Obama has been exposed as a liar, a fraud,................"

    In a rational society the "election" results would have been quite different; the operative word being "rational". However, we are now reminded, daily, that we no longer live in a rational society. I fear that the remainder of our "lifetime" will witness an irreconcilable decline. I hope that I'm wrong!

    1. Hope in one hand, JB, and crap in the other... see which one fills up the fastest.

  2. Between dead voters, illegal alien voters, multi-time voters, and vote counting machines that read “Romney” as “Obama”, its a wonder the election was even close. Oh, yes, I almost forgot, throw in a whole bunch of our service members that weren’t even given the chance to vote because of the ineptitude of people responsible for getting them their absentee ballots on time–you KNOW who most of those votes would have been for. The one group of Americans who have more right to vote than ANY ONE ELSE, and they were conveniently left out.

    Was this election stolen? You God Damned right it was! Where is the public outcry?

    1. They scream if a poor person doesn't get to vote and will turn the entire election upside down - but an entire planeload of ballots to military personelle? Meh. That's life.

      Idiocracy, I tell ya!

  3. Blasphemy!

    That aside, here's what boggles my mind: A lot of Americans really DO see Obama as "Lord and Savior"!

    Delusion and cultism -- to say the least.

    BTW, yesterday's WaPo had an article about something or other and included one of those Obama-with-halo photos -- and not in a sarcastic or satiric manner, either.

    We live in "America" now -- not in America.

  4. Average American -- As I've said before about my post: "This ain't your momma's Web site!" Any language, descriptions, verbs, nouns and vowels will be published without censorship. Anybody that's got a problem with that -- take it someplace else.

    I do have one rule that I will enforce. Any comments where The Lord God and Jesus Christ's name is used, or taken in vain, will be deleted.

    This will be PROMINENTLY displayed in the masthead ASAP, so there won't be any confusion from now on. I should have anticipated this happening and it should have been there from the get-go. My bad!

    Thanks for your comments and I do appreciate them.

  5. You Bagger wankers still whining?

    A commie Muslim from Kenya kicked your jarhead arse. Get over t.

    1. "A commie Muslim from Kenya..."

      Can't argue with that.