22 November 2012

Congratulations To The Democrats And Young People... You Now Own It!

This was passed along to me by JonBerg. It’s just TOO GOOD! If I knew who wrote it, I’d give him the credit due to him. Again, thanks for sending it to me, JB!

  • The next terrorist attack... you own it.
  • Can’t get a job after graduation... you own it.
  • Sky rocketing energy prices due to Obama’s* Obimbo’s EPA shutting down the energy producing states... you own it. 
  • A nuclear Iran... you own it.
  • Bowing to the Soviet Union... you own it.
  • Another severe recession... you own it.
  • A volatile border with Mexico... you own it.
  • Trouble getting good health care... you own it.
  • Higher heath insurance and health care costs... you own it.
  • No budget... you own it.
  • Mistrust from our allies... you own it.
  • Another few trillion dollars of debt... you own it.
  • More Benghazi situations... you own it.
  • No one willing to join the military... you own it.
  • Trouble getting a loan to buy a home... you own it.
  • More dependency on food stamps... you own it.
  • Trouble finding good employment... you own it.
  • Several part time jobs instead of a good job... you own it.
  • A World Government... you own it.
  • The UN governing the United States... you own it.
  • A Senate that won’t bring any legislation to the table... you own it.
  • China controlling our world trade and trampling all over us... you own it.
  • Loss of our freedoms as we’ve known them in the past... you own it.
  • A dictatorship instead of a democracy that follows the Constitution... you own it. 
  • Less take home pay and higher cost of living... you own it.
  • Driving a car that looks like a toy... you own it.
  • More government corruption and lies... you own it.
  • More toleration of extreme and fanatical Islamists... you own it.
  • Terrorist attacks called ‘work place incidents’... you own it.
  • Revenge, instead of love of country... you own it.

President George Bush is out of it now. With Bush gone, there’s not another good man that you can vilify and lie about. The only person you can blame, Obimbo, is yourself. YOU inherited this mess that YOU voted for. 

Now, let’s see YOU clean up this mess that YOU voted for, Obimbo.

Lotsa luck with that one, idiot.

Oh yeah, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” to everyone!” (We can still say that, can’t we?)

*There, I fixed it.


  1. Yes, they own it.

    But the media and academia will spin all this in an entirely different manner. **sigh**

  2. "Revenge, instead of love of country... you own it."

    "REVENGE" Is exactly what this Anti-Christ is all about. I no longer have any civil regard for those who supported, for the second time, this disciple of Lucifer! It's one thing if they want to ruin their own lives but I'll be Damned if I'm going to smile while they ruin mine!

    1. If Obimbo isn't the Antichrist, he's got a damn good lead!

  3. Think in heaven, when people ask you when you lived, when you tell them you lived in the Age of Obama they are going to say, "oh my....."

    We live in an unparalleled age of foolishness with The Emperors New Clothes being the mentality of the day - except in this case people *actually* think he's wearing clothes. For a good laugh, if you haven't seen it, watch the movie "Idiocracy" - you'll love it and then throw Obama logos all over the movie.

    I'm so beside myself with it all that I don't know what to think. Those I know personally who lived through the Third Reich all told me the same thing: We didn't think he would actually do it.

    Well....here we go again, doing the same old thing again.....

    1. It's probably best that I DON'T go to THAT movie, SW. I'd just end up in County Jail for throwing stuff, and it WOULDN'T BE Obimbo logos.

      There have been so many people that came to America, LEGALLY, only to find that they're going back into a governmental system that they've tried to put behind them. To leave all that you have in one country and find that what you've done is only to trade geographic locations... now, THAT'S got to be the ultimate in discouragement.

      All of this gives a new perspective to the old saying: "You can run, but you can't hide."

  4. .

    Now, let’s see YOU clean up this mess that YOU voted for, Obimbo.

    Lotsa luck with that one, idiot."

    Given how much you hate USA and the people of USA, how do you call yourself patriot? What are you loyal to?

    Ema Nymton

    1. "What are you loyal to?"

      ...ooooh, just about anything that isn't Communist/Socialist/Marxist.

  5. .

    "... just about anything that isn't Communist/Socialist/Marxist."

    You do realize, don't you, that the military (including Marines) is perfect 'socialism' in action? The individual surrenders all freedom and liberty for the benefit and good of the group for the sake of the mission. Please do not try to say that you missed that part of being a loyal patriotic USA Marine.

    Ema Nymton

    1. Enema, the military and government are two ENTIRELY different subject matters. Get with the program or drop out.

      (I'm busy for the rest of the day. If Enema Nematode continues with her Communistic/Socialistic/Marxist crap, will someone else please take over. Thank you.)

  6. Enema,

    Regimentation is essential for the "military", a subset of the greater population, to undergo missions that protect the general population from tyranny imposed by powers foreign or domestic. In the USA sacrifices, of freedom, life and limb are made by the few to protect the many from loss of such. Members of the US "Military", after sacrificing to afford such protection, look forward to eventually returning to the 'free' society that they served to protect. To even suggest that somehow society, at large, should be forced into some military regimen is patently absurd. I just saw a documentary on North Korea. I think that you would fit in there, for a while, until you tried to escape and they shot you! Anyway why don't you give it a try? Your comments serve to define the word "ludicrous" and are indicative of an apparent decline of this Nation!

      I LOVE YA, MAN!

      (I cheated and came back. Just HAD to see what you said, JB!)

    2. I still think that might be too complex for her.

  7. Ema showed up on my blog too and I deleted her comments - I'm less tolerant than you and wouldn't even dignify her comment with a response - but I did blog about it. And - you'd LOVE "Idiocracy." It slams liberals so hard....it's HILARIOUS.

    1. I'm back now.

      Like JB says below, SW, Enema does provide us with some sort of twisted, perverted, sicko comic relief... and JB is so good at giving it to her between the eyes!

      But, DAMN... the thought of her voting is bad enough, JB... did you just have to throw in the part of 'procreating'? EEELCH!

  8. SW,

    Your point is well taken. But, in the abstract, she does provide a sort of perverse comic relief. OK, the fact that she may vote and procreate isn't very funny; I get it!

    1. I'm in the psychology field at the graduate level - I get slammed with that kind of "diverse" BS all the time just because I work with nutjobs and have to be able to recognize and cope with BS when it comes to me in the clinic - I see their points of view and can even humanely see how they get it - but sometimes, despite a diversity of opinion and tolerance, people are just wrong - not on everything - but she's wrong on this one.

      She expects us to see it from others' points of view - how about her seeing it from the military's point of view while we're being so diverse and singing Kum-Ba-Ya.

      Here's the thing they don't get. While they live in the lap of luxury they didn't even create - they don't realize the only reason they are alive is because there are two friggin oceans and a constitution and a helluva lot of firepower and by the grace of God almight that they are allowed to live.

      Because she's not smart enough to be useful to a regime beyond putting them in power. She doesn't have what it takes to keep them in power and as far as usefulness goes - she gets as far as being a "useful idiot" or might even get a job as a part of a propaganda front as a renta-a-mob.

      While they rail against the military for being a bunch of vicious brutes - what they don't comprehend is that the other guy - like Mao Tse Dong and all his carbon copies behind him? Has a few million young brutes himself and they don't give a rats ass about your feelings and never have.

      Were it not for OUR young brutes (God Bless 'em) they'd never get to live in the deluded CNN-spread Karl Marx inspired fantasy land they do.

      But then that's why I'm working on a doctorate in psychology so I can climb on top of this damned ash-heap these self-professed-enlightened-idiots are making and plant my flag and call BS on it and then say "Who's with me!" I realized after my first naval tour after seeing communism - the fight's here at home and the enemy? Well....here's the enemy:

      Ephesians 6:12.

      This war isn't being fought with bombs - it's going to end with them if we're unlucky - but it won't be won with them here - its a war of ideas - so to my fellow veterans - I'm taking this one and I'm volunteering and spending a butt-load of money to go into debt to acquire the skills to fight these fools on their own turf and in their own language. I didn't go overseas just to come home and watch it fall apart to foolishness and ignorance (See the movie Idiocracy - LOL - you'll laugh).

      As it is in mental health - some of the people who need it most don't even know it. At least now they can choose if they wish to get it - but in the future....it might become mandatory depending on who is in power and the type of treatment you get might involve jumpercables on your nipples.

    2. DAMN, SW!

      Between you and JB, I could RULE THE WORLD!

    3. Well I'm learning to speak in "liberal code" to sell our brand of drink to the Liberals to wean them off Koolaid - hence the education I'm going through - and I want them to think its their idea when I'm done with them.

      If we talked like we are here I'm not sure how long we'd last - so give me a few more years on my training and when they look at my educational degrees they aren't even going to care what I say they'll say "oh, he's an expert!" and surrender free thinking on the basis of authority just like they do to everything else - I just got to make it sound like something they'd like but put some SW spin on it and make it look like CNN and we'll sell them the good stuff and they won't even know it.

      They'll be on our side in no time ;)

  9. SW,

    Given your last comment I'm quite sure that she: "I still think that might be too complex for her." , cannot digest any of this and will just continue to to try to irritate people in the same manner as does a house fly. As a physiologist, how would you categories her? BTW, it's good to meet someone from the Navy. I was starting to think that we had no standing on the blogasphere. The Marines, on the other hand, have done and do an exemplary job; as you have discovered!

  10. Freud would have a field day with liberals and would excoriate them as spoiled little children and they would be dysfunctional mess in his world and he'd blame their parents. Now if the liberals want to say anything about Freud - go ahead. Let's have that argument.

    They blame others for their problems.

    They expect someone else to fix it.

    Kids these days!

    Critically thinking-wise being a liberal requires no effort to think whatsoever because it's the mainstream thought and it gets bombarded into their heads constantly and they don't/can't/refuse to think beyond what they hear.

    Amazingly the psyche world is the same and many doctors are knee-jerk libs but on a different plane....

    I've done forensic analysis off writing but not to disrespect the poor woman but I couldn't stand reading her writing so unlike M4E I just deleted it as soon as I saw it - why? Because I have to be tolerant as a psychologist and my blog world is where I'm *in*tolerant. I try to represent my religious values and not be too much of a p-r-i-c-k but still - I don't have to be "tolerant" here so I'm not.

    I see so much BS in my line of work where I have gotten to the point - had I been Romney - I'd have actually asked in the debates, "Do you actually believe the bullsh** that just came out of your mouth? A lot of these people are going to listen to you but I work in this field and I'd like to know - in case I lose just so I can say I got the chance to ask - do you REALLY believe your own bullsh**?"

    Obama is a narcissistic histrionic antisocial. He actually has pathological problems with his brain. Nanci Pelosi? Don't get me started - psychological omelet. Vegetable omelet. Joe Biden? mental retardation. No I mean mental retardation. There's no way that man's got even 100 IQ. Americans who believe the crap they sell? Well...Watch Idiocracy (my favorite political satire movie)

    Nematode? When someone reacts that strong emotionally without actually reading or listening to what is said there's a lot of emotional instability generally at the very least. Which could be due to a bunch of things as well - might not be her fault. But then when has anything ever been a liberal's fault?

    The non-clinical me calls it a case of FOS or "Full of s***" when I see it.

    Best navy blog I saw belonged to Neptunus Lex (R.I.P.) XO of TOPGUN - killed March 6th in an Israeli kFir on March 6th this year during a training hop at Falon in a snowstorm. His work's still up though. "The Lexicans" are a spinoff in Lex's memory and is being written by a Navy pilot.

    1. I totally agree with your previous comment and the one directly above, SW. I'm really, REALLY glad that we have people like you that are willing to do the dirty work!

      I know what you're talking about because I was in a field of work that was very stressful... and having just returned from combat in South East Asia... stress was something I really didn't a lot more of.

      For years, I had to make the decision on a daily basis... do I kill the sonsabitches, RIGHT NOW, that keep fucking with me, or do I step outside -- where no one is around -- and scream like a banshee, "I WANT SO VERY MUCH TO KILL THESE SONSABITCHES THAT KEEP FUCKING WITH ME"? For some reason, I always chose the latter.

      About 40 years later, in one of my VA group sessions, 'stress' was defined as the condition brought on when the mind has to continuously overrule the body's desire to choke the living shit outta somebody who so desperately needs it.

      So, I guess it's called "different strokes for different folks." You delete the rants of the stupid assholes because you have to 'administer' to the crazy bastards on a daily basis. I let them have their time because I (and a few others) like to jerk them around. Then, when me and mine get bored with 'em, I just give 'em the finger and hit the delete button from then on.

      I realize that I'm not accomplishing a damn thing... but it's the way I cope.

    2. Well if they are willing to put themselves out there for it - they got nobody to blame but themselves.

      And when they start the way they do - well - here's a scripture for them: you reap what you sow.

      I was going to suffer an infarction in school I realized on day one with the stupid things I was hearing unless I figured something else out. I seriously was.

      Most awesome experience I had in school was on media relations. I told the instructor I had worked the facilities at GITMO when they were classified and I feared people's response to a vet but here we go. I introduced myself to the class when it came my turn and I told everyone my experience was the media was full of it but I was here to learn.

      Anyone else?

      Corporal Williams of the 324th MP batallion (I believe) and he said he was going to agree with me - American media is full of it.


      Staff sgt - USAF - works on ICBMS - said he'd throw his hat in with us.


      Corporal - USA - on the Golden Knights parachute team and teaches close quarters combat using the Columbine footage. This was getting good!

      By this time the class was kind of going....um.....?

      We weren't done, another sailor from the Cold War who had worked with the Soviets.

      USAF intelligence.

      USA infantry.

      USMC - intel.

      Anyways, when it was done it was pretty sweet because the military vets held their own in there and gave the liberals a bit of an education that they never would have gotten from college.

      I've never had that much military in a class.

      Unfortunately I'm at the level in my training that I don't get to write as much on the military and psychology that would be digestible by the world at large - mostly I deal with stats and dynamic interplays between concepts. But even the psyche field is full of it - like the Stanford Prison Experiment sometime - look that one up and then tell me what was wrong with how they portrayed the military on that one. lol. And see how it compares to the military rites of passage for basic etc - lol and how those guys went psychotic.

      And it was used as an anti-military propaganda piece. So is the Milgram-Experiment to some degree.

      My challenge is that they consider themselves so polite (and I live in Portland - it *IS* polite here) to speak their language and then get accepted into their crowd....I'm "working to bring down the system from within."

      And they are going to thank me when they are done. Might even make me a guest speaker at the DNC - and THEN I will blow them away.

    3. p.s. if it makes you feel better - then I'd say "mission accomplished."

  11. "Might even make me a guest speaker at the DNC -"

    OMG, would I like to see that!!!!!!

    1. I've already been invited by two FLAMING liberal professors to a) design a curriculum on "Veterans Issues" at one university, and have been invited to speak at another concerning Military Ethics and my experiences at Guantanamo and my views on "information gathering" as they relate tot he American Psychological Association and I've got a third who is...Asian and is so *obsessed* with culture and race - this is a Ph.D. mind you who does psyche analysis who wrote me to tell me I've progressed beyond "white thinking" to be able to insert myself into other cultures. Normally I'd be insulted - but what it means is I'm accomplishing what I set out to accomplish - to earn their confidence and trust and be able to work in their world that is so heavily dominated by them. It has been amazingly satisfying to see them react like....vampires to Holy Water when they find out I'm a vet and a conservative Christian etc., and then to have them say after a time, ".....you're.....nothing like what we thought you'd be like" and to be invited to that table. It's a *lot* of work but I'm determined to improve this world - and yes - I am going to be involved in politics once I finish the doctoral degree and am just setting foot in that arena now. It's a big game to play but I'm determined to play it. But the blogosphere is where I cut loose a bit because I work/live in a facility where everyone's getting inside my head and I'm kind of under a microscope. But I'm actually determined to climb my way up there - I *am* going up there. Its quite the game to play.

    2. To hunt the VC, drug dealers and psychotic killers, you have to become one of them. Sometimes you forget what the game plan was.

    3. *SO* very true M4E! SO! TRUE!

      I've seen that happen to me in my studies and in my military service.

      One of the reasons I left law enforcement because I couldn't tell the difference between me and the bad guys anymore except I had a badge and I got off throwing them down and bringing them within an inch of their lives but it was legal for me and I was doing it for a good cause. I didn't like that I liked it and I didn't like that I was good at it and that I liked pushing it to the edge going "okay this one's gonna be it....here we go! WHEEE!"

      I've seen that too intellectually in psychology - it's a substitute for religion really where man worships his own intellect!

      And I see it in a lot of the Ph.D's. I started to see it in me when I started getting lost in the science and losing my religious-moral-values for a while back there. And it happens so subtly.

      There's a reason I don't party with any of them and I go home as soon as things are over and my contact with them is very limited though.

      I get along with them but I have zero desire to be friends with what they think because to me - it is actually the enemy of all I believe.

      Such a challenge to build networks in those instances when I despise much of what they stand for to get the grant money and the recommendations etc. that I need to get ahead.

      It's a godless science I say, the philosophies of men mingled with scripture, having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof - having only questions and lots of theories but no real answers.

      The establishment that said we have to question authority now is the authority but has no answers and still only questions while pretending to lead.

      And I see them pushing it into brains they pretend to teach to critically think.

      So yes - I have to keep my balance - but what I do worry about is when I find myself in a situation where the morality becomes ambiguous and I find myself tempted to sell to the highest bidder and rationalizing. Most people wouldn't believe the stuff I get confronted with in that regards.

      It's a *mess* being in here and I'm a guy who likes to keep it simple and clear cut.

      It took me a year to climb in the heads of psychopathic rapists and begin to be able to wrap my head around their world and mentality - and yet many of my colleagues don't want to BELIEVE that what those guys do is deliberate.

      It's a mad mad mad world.

      And its a war of ideas.

      But its one I want to fight and I thank Uncle Sam for showing me what the world was really like in it all.

  12. And Yes - I've seen a lot of Marine's blogs and they always have that professional look to them - like the Marines always do. Wish my header was as nice on mine, and I don't spend as much time on graphics....heck, sometimes I don't even edit before I throw stuff up. Stormbringer's got a nice blog though he's pretty quiet and low key as a special forces "quiet professional." I don't think I've even finished on mine yet in that regards - but I like M4E's header way better and his graphics are pretty well done though too. I think the Marines are imbued with a bit of OCD when it comes to presentation on these things because they do a pretty nice job on them whenever I see them though.

    1. Thanks for the 'attaboy,' SW. That's about all I bring in anymore, except for the Social Security check.


      Wait a minute...

      Somehow, I had it in my head that my employers and I had been paying into Medicare and Social Security for the past 51 years and that I had EARNED them. I had forgotten that Social Security and Medicare are really ENTITLEMENTS.

      Silly me!

    2. What I think is a-ma-zing is the democrats made the mess - and the Republicans said "don't do that, mom'll get mad!" and now the Democrats say that if Republicans don't pick up the mess Democrats made they'll tell mom it was Republican's fault. Stupid part is, Republicans are about to go along with it.

    3. I can't remember all the times the Republicans have had the Democrats/Communist by the nuts and then, at the last minute, they just roll over. It's like, "Damn! We almost got that one... we better watch it or we might accidentally win it the next time." I now know what the true meaning of 'RINO' is.

      I have never, in my lifetime, seen such a wad of pussies gathered together as there are in Washington right now... or, in this place that we used to call the United States. Thankfully, at my age, I won't be around much longer to have to watch this abortion continue.

    4. I was thinking the tea-party should resign from the Republican Party see what that does to it. It'd lose to a three way but might force the Republicans to negotiate harder.

    5. That would make the Republicans so happy if the Tea Party WOULD get out of their hair. The Republicans NEVER HAVE caught on to what NO COMPROMISE means.

    6. Either way we're dying - either a slow death - or a fast one - partial birth abortion.....if they split the democrats would either absorb the republicans or the republicans would become tea partiers and the democrats would have a lot more power than they do now - but it beats having a party that pretends to represent you as it stamps your passport and puts you in a cattle car and says "I'm sorry, we did the best we could do...."

  13. "and he gives me free stuff"

    And Sandra Fluke is being considered for Time's Person Of The Year. Is there no end to the insanity? That, of course, is a rhetorical question.

    1. But, JB!... ya gotta consider the source: TIMES! I mean, WHAT would you EXPECT?!


  14. Excellent post! I may have to steal it, but then the question comes up do I post it on my facebook page and face getting fired the next day? Heck no... I post it on my sock puppet page and share it on everyone's page I want to annoy! LOL!!! Seriously, that rocks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by CM-B!

      Hey, ya can't steal what's FREE. Anything and everything here has a purpose... TO BE SPREAD AROUND... and to ANNOY LIBERALS!

      So far, I'm up to 323 e-mail death threats. Keep them cards and letters comin', boys and girls. I LOVE 'EM!