23 October 2012

I Bet I've Watched The First Video A Hundred Times!

The looks and long sighs from the talking airheads makes life great! 

This was pulled from Doctor Bulldog & Ronin:
CBS News This Morning: Romney Clear Debate Winner in Ohio Focus Group 
Towards the end of the video, the look of disappointment on Norah O’Donnell’s face is well worth the price of admission!

Again, from Doctor Bulldog & Ronin:
Obama’s 2009 Apology Tour 
Last night, in the final debate, Obama claimed Romney was telling a whopper of a lie when he labelled Obama’s 2009 Muzzy suck-up road trip as, “The Apology Tour.” 
Well, I figured I’d remind Obama that he did indeed go on an apology tour. 
I regretfully acknowledge that the audio in the following video is of inferior quality.  However, I couldn’t find the original Fox & Friends clip:
(It WAS a pretty bad video -- audio-wise -- so, I've inserted another video. Sorry 'bout THAT Doctor. You snooze, you loose.)

How about another one?

Or, maybe, this isn't you after all, you perverted little nappy-headed, Dumbo-eared, lollipop sucking hermaphrodite.

Maybe she's your twin sister.



  1. The question remains: why does anyone remain undecided in this election? In my view, an undecided voter is someone who poses a real and present danger to a free society. We shouldn't allow such morons to vote at all.

    Beyond this, I think you violate several important EPA rules when you publish pictures of the Obammunist. What bothers me and JB is that you don’t seem at all remorseful.

  2. Yeah, I find such crass besmirchment to be an assult on my sensitivities! OMG, what were you thinking?

    1. I'm remorseful; I just can't help myself.

  3. I could swear that I already commented on this post. I "redistributed" the above picture with a hat tip and your blog url. Love it!

    1. You have commented of this post, AvAm. It was on "When Men Were Men." It's just hard to keep track of 'em all -- sorta like a gum ball machine!

      Thanks for the "Attaboy!"

  4. Listen you, I will gladly compare my IQ with yours. I went to school and graduated with three degrees and was the leading student in the political science department. I went to law school on a full scholarship. In my first year, I did not want to be there and was in the bottom two-thirds of my class, but I changed my mind and finished in the top half of my class. I will gladly compare my IQ to yours. Plus, I never put a squirrel in my pants. I never did that because I don’t have any nuts, see?

    Your friend,

    Joe Biden

    1. It seems like I saw a video of you that was made back in the 80's, Joe. You comparing your IQ with anything other than a day-old bowel of oatmeal is truly an exercise in futility. If there's no squirrel running around inside your skivvy shorts then that stupid, shit-eating grin must be the aftereffects from the shock treatments you've had, trying to jump-start your brain -- which goes to prove, even electricity has its limitations.

      Hurry up, November 7th! (That's the day AFTER Election Day, Joe.)

  5. Mr. AOW and I have visited Steubenville, Ohio, several times; these two posts explain why Mr. AOW have had occasion to visit there.

    Although Steubenville does have more than its fair share of Dems, the town is strongly patriotic -- perhaps because many of the people there are descended from Italian and Polish immigrants, who came to America when our nation truly was the land of opportunity Furthermore, Steubenville is noted for how many of its sons volunteered to serve in WW1 and WW2.

    Steubenville, Ohio -- a steel town if ever there was one -- is in a deep economic depression. The steel mills are no longer running around the clock. People are literally going hungry there, and many of those living in Steubenville cannot afford to move or have elderly family members who cannot physically manage a move.

    No wonder that a focus group in Steubenville believe that Romney won the debate on Monday night.

  6. AOW,

    This is what I tried to say in a different venue. I think that as someone that actually worked in the "mills" and saw , what was a good thing, called the United Steel Workers Union, at one time, turned into, exactly what it was formed to be aginst. Whether or not you realize that a World Economy came into play, it did. All, such as 13 weeks vacations, and it became impossible for any "slug" to get fired took a toll. Steel Production is still going on in Ohio but in a much more intelligent way.

    1. Correct me if I'm wrong (which I have NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that I will be,) but the unions were initially put into place to PROTECT the CONSUMER.

      To have a union job meant you were the best of the best. Union jobs were hard to come by because of stringent qualifications placed on the person applying for a union job. And, yes, the pay and benefits were better than working in a non-union shop because there was the obligation, and expectation, to turn out a superior piece of work.

      People bought "Union Made" because they were assured of a quality product. If there was a problem in the manufacture of the product, the name of the union, the union number and locale and, in some cases, the name or employee number was stamped on it for referral. The consumer had a "guarantee in writing" and woe be it to someone who let an inferior product leave the shop/factory/mill.

      All-in-all, unions were a win-win situation.

      As usual, leave it to some asshole to figure out how bastardize a good thing.

  7. M4e,
    "To have a union job meant you were the best of the best. Union jobs were hard to come by because of stringent qualifications placed on the person applying for a union job."

    I agree that it's the way it should be but after being in 6 of them, that's not what I found. I didn't enjoy, after being the hardest and most deicated worker, getting "laid off" just because of the UNION (UAW). I saw waste and stupidity when I worked in places that were Union Protected that was unbleavible. I also saw the largest truck axel plant in the US, close to where I grew up, go out of existence (It was only five years in business) 1000 people lost their jobs, permanently, for a dispute of .50$ per hour. I could go on-and-on. Yes, given the excesses of the "Robber Barons" of the late 1800's and 1900's unions were a natural result of worker explotation but they turned, in my opinion, into something no better than what they were formed to oppose. It should be obvious that, at least, in the "Private Sector" their ranks have diminished. In the "Public Sector" I guess there has been an increase. Is that a good thing?

    1. We should anticipate demands for wage and benefit increases. People always want more; they want a demonstration that others appreciate them for their contribution to capitalist endeavor. And, of course, wages and benefits represent a piece of the corporate pie.

      What most people do not understand is that consumers pay for increased costs of labor. Nowhere is this more evident than in the manufacture of automobiles, where $1,500 of the cost of your new car goes to medical benefits for union workers.

      At some point in this evolution, the cost of union made goods will not long enable Americans to purchase them. Government has conspired with labor unions to offset the high cost of union labor, such as expanding auto loans to seven (7) years. My gosh, American made cars don’t even last 7 years, and given the boon to interest income among banks and credit unions, they certainly don’t mind. Is anyone surprised that the cost of union labor has forced American companies to replace costly domestic labor with far cheaper foreign labor? Meanwhile, the real screw-job here is to the American consumer. I am baffled that consumers aren’t screaming bloody murder.

      The situation very much reminds me of democracy, which ultimately must collapse upon itself.

  8. Well, I SURE didn't expect the end of your post :-) I hate to admit I'm laughing my head off! I should be very ladylike and SHOCKED (okay, it shocked me but I AM laughing)

    I love that top video; I hadn't seen it before but I've seen ol' Norah look REALLY disappointed.
    That video cheered me up so much I'm stopping visiting blogs tonight and going to go to sleep happy!

    Also, I'm happy after having heard Condi Rice speak tonight...come read my post on it! CLINT WAS THERE! I SWEAR!