12 April 2012

You Probably Wouldn't Want Me In Your Living Room.


Just walking through the room and there the idiot is. On AGAIN. Obimbo gets more face time on television than Big Bird does on Sesame Street (and both are aimed at about the same mentality.)

Now I gotta go to Best Buy and pick up ANOTHER new TV. I've lost count of the televisions I've had to buy since 2008.

This is why I carry an RPG around with me.


  1. BRAVO ZULU,I'm going to watch it again and again!

    1. Chris Matthews said, "I felt this thrill going up my leg" as Obimbo spoke.
      Now I know how Matthews feels; I get this thrill going up my leg, too, watching the nappy-headed little sonofabitch eat an RPG round.