09 January 2012

Stephanopoulos Needs A Contraception For His Brain.

I watched the latest Republican debate hosted by Lame Stream Medias’ ABC (AntiAmerican Broadcasting Company) the other night... for what it was worth. They’re sort of fun to watch, as long as I load up on Xanax and wash ‘em down with a quart of Jack Daniel’s Black.

You can always be assured that any debate put on by ABC, NBC/Nazi Broadcasting Company, CBS/Communist Broadcasting Company, CNN/Communist News Network or any of the other Obama Media Group (OMG) will have plenty of loaded and ambiguous questions... you know the kind... the “Yes” or “No” questions. The questions like, “Have you stopped beating your wife?” 
Hardly ever are there any questions that the voter would like an answer about. The questions are more about pitting one candidate against another and ALWAYS there’s that underlying theme of, “Let’s-See-How-This-Can-Benefit-Obimbo-Later-On.”

One of the things -- out of many -- that I was disappointed in about the ABC Debate: The Newt didn’t get a standing ovation after his remarks about the Lame Stream Media. 

The Stephanopoulos contraception question was the one that hit the jackpot, though. When he asked THAT one, I had to hit myself in the head a couple of times to see if I really heard him right. The look(s) Romney gave him were priceless. As if, “What HAVE you been SMOKING, Bubba?!” When Romney told Stephanopoulos, at one point, that the question was “silly,” Romney's remark was a lot more kind than mine would have been!

I found this article that may explain a few things: Is this why Stephanopoulos ripped GOP candidates? It seems that Stephanopoulos has a previously undisclosed connection to the Chief Idiot of the United States. And, none of it good.

What’s going to be really interesting will be which one of the Lame Stream Media groups televises the debate(s) between the Republican nominee and Obimbo. And, of course, the loaded questions asked of the nominee and the questions that Obimbo will get.


  1. I'm not sorry that I missed STREPTOCOCCUS and his slimy demeanor. I got more than my fill of him during the Clinton days!

  2. Other than him getting these stupid, exasperated looks on his face because Romney kept telling him it was a non-issue and why the crap was he asking something like that, you didn't miss much, JB!