12 January 2012

Outcry Grows Over Alleged Marine Video.

I’m not even going to dignify the article or video by posting it here. If you want to read it and watch the censored video (which ain’t much,) it’s here.

They stopped us from taking ears... now, we can’t even piss on the sonsabitches?!

One of the Marines (while taking a leak) says, “Have a nice day, buddy.”

As I was taking MY leak, I woulda been saying, “Here... ya think maybe one of your 72 virgins can suck this out of those 5.56mm holes you got in you, BUDDY?!”

What the hell is the difference in pissin’ on an enemy or pissin’ on a pit viper that I’ve just killed ?! I can guarandamntee you the enemy is gonna do worse to YOUR body, dead or ALIVE, when they get the chance.

And, like this ain’t happened since dirt was invented.


Piss on Obama, John McCain, Panetta, the Pentagon and all the rest of the bleeding hearts out there.


  1. "American Marines urinating on the corpses of three Taliban fighters."

    What fun is that? I'd much rather piss on them while they are still alive!!!!!!!

  2. Oh,I forgot to mention that it would be just after I made the filthy bastard(s) eat a deep fried (in lard) pork sandwich and a jar of pickled pigs feet!

  3. Roger that one, JB! Bwahahahahaha!