10 January 2012

Oliver Hardy’s Long-Lost Identical Twin Sister -- FOUND!

Justice Elena Kagan’s ObamaCare Bamboozle.
From Conservative Contacts Alerts -- In what can only be viewed as an obvious attempt at “bait and switch,” Elena Kagan has recused herself from the upcoming Arizona immigration case before the Supreme Court, but continues to insist upon her ability to hear ObamaCare.
Elena Kagan quit working cases as solicitor general for the Obama Administration in March of 2010 -- the same month ObamaCare was signed into law. Arizona’s Immigration law was not enacted until April 2010, over a month after Kagan quit working cases. Yet, Kagan this week willingly recused herself from the upcoming Supreme Court hearing that will decide if Arizona can enforce illegal immigration policies.
Why would Kagan recuse herself from reviewing a law that was not enacted until after she quit the DOJ, but refuse to recuse herself from a case that her staff was actively working until the day she left her position? It’s simple: by recusing from the immigration case, Kagan hopes to inoculate herself from her deserved reputation as an extremist political hack; she seeks to lay down a marker of moderation upon which to plead harassment and therefore be allowed to hear the ObamaCare case.
The integrity of the Supreme Court, and what remains of our system of co-equal branches and balance of powers, is imperiled by Kagan’s selfish and arrogant refusal to step aside as any honorable jurist would do.
Just goes to show, Obimbo's judgeships are really nothing more than comedy teams in black robes. That, and justice goes to the highest bidder.


  1. It looks like Hope & Change has become synonymous with Smoke & Mirrors! Didn't this clown promise to be the most "transparent" President in history? The only transparency I see is his contempt for the Constitution, the Military and REGULAR Americans!


    Every time that I see the picture of B.O., underscored by the caption "NARCISSIST IN CHIEF", I want to puke my guts out!

  3. Sorry, JB... but that was the the intended reaction I was hoping for when someone saw it! Thanks for confirming!