06 October 2011

Whose Side Is He On?

I gotta admit straight out -- I robbed this. Well... sort of.

After editing for spelling, punctuation, grammatical errors, run on sentences, incomplete thoughts and a WHOLE LOT of rewrites... I may as well have written it.

The headline was even wrong; ‘WHOSE,’ not ‘WHO’S.’

And, of course, I HAVE TO ADD the cartoons!

The basic idea is here, though.

Politically, Obama Obimbo* is about as coordinated as a monkey humping a football covered in Crisco.
On one hand, you’ve got these Wall Street protests that Obama Obimbo* supports because he’s anti-capitalist, anti-American and anti-Big Business.
Then, you’ve got Obama Obimbo* supporting the unions who called for violence against the Tea Party. 
Then, AGAIN, you’ve got Obama Obimbo* claiming he’s on the side of the little guy; that’s what all of his political rhetoric has been about. Never mind that a bunch of idiots voted for him AFTER he said that his plan would produce “no more” than 8% unemployment (translation: “I’m going to create unemployment.”)
You’ve ALSO got the Obama Obimbo* who wants collection agencies to be able to call cell phones to force people to pay their debts because that is what would help the economy. 
Who’s Whose* side is this guy on?  I thought Big Business was the problem with them taking money from the little guy! 
I thought we were supposed to get everything for free. Lets recap: you won’t have to worry about gas in your car or paying your house mortgage -- probably because you won’t have a car or a house to mortgage. So, here you go... 
I’m not even that astute a political commentator, but this guy, Obama Obimbo,* just makes it too easy.

*There... I fixed THAT, too.


  1. On one hand, I can't wait to see pResident Obimbo Obeyme kicked out of office.

    On the other hand, I'll really miss all the funny stuff that people write about him.

  2. @ innominatus:

    Yeah, IF and WHEN that ever happens, I guess I'll close up shop. What a BLESSED DAY THAT WILL BE!

  3. Hey Guys,

    As long as we have liberals in the political arena there will be plenty of 'grist' for and a need for excellent blogs such as this one!