18 October 2011

Obama Announces Support For 'Occupy Wall Street.'

A few months ago, a friend of mine (another one of the '53%ers' mentioned below) and I were talking about what was, and had been, happening. Our contention was that we would see another civil war sometime in our lifetime. There is no common ground anymore. Little did we know that what we were talking about a few short weeks ago would evolve, in such a short time, to what we're seeing today.

From Patriots PAC 
Barack Obama and chief White House ideologues like David Plouffe have hit the airwaves to announce their open, enthusiastic support of the blatantly Socialist "Occupy" movement making a mess in cities across the nation. 
 Over the last two years, we have suffered a President who calls the hardworking American public protesting as the Tea Party and as patriot groups everything from racist to violent to angry mobs. Yet when faced with an actual angry, violent, unruly mob -- he's OK with it, full of praise and compliments, as long as they are dedicated Socialists working to destroy capitalism.
That should worry all of us in the hated '53%' -- the middle class suckers who are paying the taxes that support all these confused kids, lefty parasites and SEIU deadbeats clamoring for even more of a free ride than they already have. ... The Democrat National Party has raised $70 million just this quarter to ensure Obama and his Marxist minions take a second term, and are able to redistribute, I mean 'spread around' everything that is left of YOUR money in 2012 -- after they 'shut down capitalism'!
Occupy is not going away. Frances Fox Piven was caught on video posted at The Gateway Pundit in an weird, nocturnal chanting session with Marxist acolytes of Occupy in McPherson Square last week, exhorting them to revolution, yelling they must 'stop trying to save the middle class' -- explaining it is all about over-throwing the middle class and achieving totalitarian revolution.
Piven called on the clueless, smiling college kids chanting back at her to 'help the jobless and the poor' to rise up in a violent show of solidarity and force, in calls dripping with Marxist language of class struggle that made her and her late husband Richard Cloward 60s icons of the revolutionary set. 
She spoke just as she had written earlier this year in The Nation, "So where are the angry crowds, the demonstrations, sit-ins and unruly mobs? … The out-of-work have to stop blaming themselves for their hard times and turn their anger on the bosses, the bureaucrats or the politicians who are in fact responsible." 
Viola! The Occupy Movement is born and nurtured by Marxists, and Obama is determined to make the Republicans own its 'populist' outrage!
Meanwhile, the campaign Money Race is on. Make no mistake; this election will be one of the ugliest and most expensive in history -- no holds barred. The Obama Socialists are going for broke, literally. Barack Obama has George Soros and a band of billionaire and millionaire militant Marxists who will pour whatever funding they think it will take to 'transform' our Constitution-loving, free market America into their Marxist 'workers' paradise' of coercion, conformity, and constraint.

Mathematically, '53%ers' ought to be the majority. But, it appears there's a WHOLE LOT MORE of the loonies out there than there are of the '53%ers.' Besides, I don't know even know how the '53%' figure was arrived at. If we're the 53%, how did the Idiot in Chief come to occupy the White (Semi-White) House? So, in reality, I think this fuzzy mathematics can be thrown out the window.

And, yeah, the protesters want Obimbo to be re-elected! He and his 'administration' -- AKA George Soros and the Merry Band of Billionaire and Millionaire Militant Marxists -- are out there announcing their open, enthusiastic support of the blatantly Socialist 'Occupy' movement.

The protesters are too stupid to see that the bailed out banks, unions, and Obimbo's green energy friends (the ones that created, and still ARE) creating his election slush fund, are the very factions they're protesting against! It’s amazing that Obimbo is still their Messiah, even though they've had three years of 'results' to look at. Given the obvious mentality of the protesters, I guess it's not too hard to see why, though.

That civil war may be coming sooner than we expected. Let me rephrase that -- the civil war is happening.

Want to know what's even more disheartening? The GOP establishment is giving us Obama-lite.

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  1. Go to this link if and only if you have a copious supply of barf bags!


    Let it suffice to say that B.O.’s concept of “Job Creation” amounts to nothing more than a potpourri of temporary, non sustainable government funded jobs which will continue to drain what few financial resources we have remaining! From what I’ve heard him say, he considers private, free enterprise, value added employment as anti environmental, etc. It’s hard to believe that he really doesn’t understand that public sector employment and public works funding must come, first, from a tax base created by a strong private economy and not the other way around. It’s becoming easier to believe that his mission is to relegate this Nation to socialism. I would say that his failure to completely achieve our demise is manifest in his apparent support of the protesters (hooligans) and the desperation that I detect in his speeches. He has clearly failed to meet the G.S. time table. I want to think that we are awakening to these facts. This leads me to a question: What is meant by the reference to “53%” in today’s Post? The only reference to that, I’m familiar with, is that B.O. got 53% of the broad electorate vote in the 2008 Election. I’m 100% sure that is not the intended context here.