07 October 2011

Eric Holder: “How I’ve Managed To Stay Out Of Jail... So Far.”

As an American tax paying citizen, I hold YOU, Eric Holder -- and any other present ‘administration’ officials responsible for Operation Fast and Furious, as an accessory to murder. So far, you’ve got the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry on your hands, Holder. That’s not counting the more than 200+ deaths that Pinal County, Ariz., Sheriff Paul Babeu says that he figures came from Operation Fast and Furious.

The Justice Department says that you get information, updates, memos and briefings on a daily basis but that you don’t always read them all. My question is, “Why not?”

What, exactly, are you there for if you’re not going to oversee what you were hired to head up? The way it works in ‘real life’ is, crap rises to the top. In your case, Holder, it seems to have worked both ways.

Personally, I don’t see this type of operation as one that the ATF could have authorized on their own. It HAD to have had your fingerprints all over it, Holder. Just based on the people that have talked -- and about what they’ve talked about -- within the ATF, tells me that.

Another question I have is, how much did YOUR boss -- the Chief Idiot of the United States -- know about all of this? More than we’ll EVER know, I’m sure.

In my lifetime, I’ve been through a lot of administrations but NONE as corrupt, greedy, incompetent and as thoroughly disgusting as THIS one. Having gone through the Carter and Clinton years, somehow, this was still easy to say!

The ONLY person I see doing his job, and who HAS TO BE the most UNDERPAID person in the present ‘administration,’ is White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. How he can manage to shovel out the BS he does, day in and day out, I’ll never know. 

How Carney sleeps at night is something that I’d like to know, too. My nightmares are only about Viet Nam.


  1. “Having gone through the Carter and Clinton years, somehow, this was still easy to say!”

    Yes, and don’t forget LBJ.. How about the common denominator at play here? OK, that was just a rhetorical question; the answer should be a 'given'!

  2. Chalk THAT ONE up to old age, JB!
    Sheeze! I must be losing it!
    If I can't do any better than THAT, I just need to hang it in my wall locker!

  3. "How Carney sleeps at night is something that I’d like to know, too."

    This just goes to show that some people will stoop to any level for money! By the way, what ever happened to the Village Idiot, Gibbs?

  4. I'd forgotten all about Gibbs (the human mind is a wonderful thing.) Sure enough, here's enough Bravo Sierra on the idiot to make a barnyard manure pile look like a kid's sand castle. (I started heaving my guts about half way through it.)