03 September 2013

What Obama, Biden Did After ‘Strike Syria’ Speech Even Disgusts Media.

Apparently there is no crisis, no threat to national security -- nothing -- that will stop President Obama from playing golf.

Four American diplomats slaughtered in Benghazi? He played golf. A terrorist attack in Boston that killed four, including a young child? He still played golf. Holy hell reigning down in Egypt? A vacation to Martha’s Vineyard to play lots of golf.
Well, so what? We all know you never let a serious tee time go to waste.
And on Saturday, literally within minutes of announcing he had decided the U.S. should engage in a military strike in Syria and asked Congressional to approve that strike, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden hightailed it out of the Rose Garden to, yes, go play golf. 
NBC News’ Carrie Dunn was tweeting on the president’s remarks regarding Syria Saturday afternoon and quoted Obama saying Syria’s chemical attack “is an assault on human dignity. It also presents a serious danger to our national security.” 
 Not long after, Dunn tweeted:
“They played at nearby Fort Belvoir with regular Obama golfing partner Marvin Nicholson, the White House trip director, and with Nicholson’s brother, Walter Nicholson, rounding out the foursome,” Fox News reported. 
On Fox News Sunday, an agitated Chris Wallace asked Sec. of State John Kerry: 
“Mr. Secretary, what message are we sending to Iran and Hezbollah and North Korea when the president announces he thinks we should take military action, but he’s going to wait nine days for Congress to come back before he takes any action, and then he goes off and plays a round of golf? What message does that send to the rebels on the ground whose lives are in danger and to our enemies who are watching?”
It wasn’t so long ago when we had a president with enough human dignity and compassion, forget political savvy, to understand that there comes a time when the commander-in-chief must lead, instill confidence, and at least give the impression of caring that people are dying or will die during military action. 
You can kiss that kind of thinking, "Adios." Read the rest of it here. 

I’m going back over to Bob Mack’s post ‘cause he’s got Obama Goes To Congress -- otherwise entitled Breaking Stupid -- going on over there. Bob pulled a really good quote from the TV series, Breaking Bad. Bathhouse Barry would do well to take the quote under advisement: “Sitting around, smoking marijuana, eating Cheetos and masturbating do not constitute ‘plans.’” -- Walter White / Breaking Bad.


  1. Well, I can see that it is up to me, a golfer, to explain this to you. There are 18 holes of golf on a regulation course, usually demanding either a par 71 or par 72. Each side of the golf course consists of nine holes. This explains why Mr. Obama has to wait nine days in order to decide whether to allow Syria to kick our ass.

    Having said this, it is also important that you understand something: Mr. Obama can play golf because Tiger Woods plays golf. Of course, Mr. Woods is a documented black man, while Mr. Obama —not so much, but there is an underlying principle of equality under the USGA Rules of Golf.

    PS. I think Bashar Al-Assad also plays golf, but he’s like … constantly in the sand trap.

  2. Obama should just play the 8-hole. Hey, please reblog this post & pass on to your vet buddies:


    MOH recipient at Iwo, Woody Williams 90th is coming up & LeatherneckM31 is collecting the birthday wishes.

  3. Would Congress not say no, but HELL NO to Barry.

    1. I don't know, Odie. WILL Congress say, "No" when there are so many nut less sonsabitches like 'Boner' and the rest of his spineless majority of RINO'S?


      I gotta come up with another name for these gutless wonders. They've proved themselves to be about a half a notch under the DemoNazis and they've disgraced the name 'Republic.'

  4. I guess that this sort of untoward behavior can be expected of someone who presides over a Nation which has become so apathetic to its own survival. This clown has no sense of propriety because he, apparently,doesn't have to! There are probably those among us who would be more concerned about his score than the issue that he was escaping from!

    1. Yeah... Probably Mustang.

      Oh... DAMMIT! I forgot Mustang is listening in.

      Sorry 'bout that, SIR! My bad.

    2. Realizing as I do that M-4 has significant anger issues (I’m building a file), let me approach this subject with some caution. The truth is that we would not be talking about whether Low-Down Bath House Barry plays golf, croquet, boccia, badminton, tennis, or that all time favorite sport among undocumented blacks, basketball, if he was at the same time competent. It isn’t about his golf, it is about his gross incompetence, which leads to criminal malfeasance, and (in my view) impeachable conduct.

      Here is where my friend M-4 and I differ (I think): he wants to take away LDBHB’s golf clubs; I want to take away his presidency. I suspect that neither of us will get what we want no matter how many nasty comments M-4 leaves about me at other internet or blog sites, or the number of sarcastic emails I get from undisclosed locations in the so-called Sunbelt States.

    3. "Realizing as I do that M-4 has significant anger issues (I’m building a file)..." --

      I'm certain that the files you build will correspond with, but will never be able to exceed, those of the VA -- FBI -- CIA -- NSA and all the other alphabet soup Big Brother is Watching organizations' files that are (and have been) on hand for sometime now.

      "Low-Down Bath House Barry" --

      It's 'DOWN LOW' not 'Low-Down,' DAMMIT, as in the Down Low Club that the Right Reverend Jeremiah Wright set up at Trinity, where "...you’re urged to ‘get with the program [meaning the Down Low Club],’” as explained by a male beneficiary of the Down Low Club. “What that means is it’s OK to go ahead and have sex with men, just as long as you ‘get with the program’ and marry a woman, somebody no straight guy would want to marry.” So, NOW we see how Moochelle, ugly bitch that she is, fits into the picture. The wife, the Down Low Club member explained, is “your ‘beard,’ your cover – so you can look like you’re living a straight life, even though you’re not.” PIIING! There ya have it!

      "Here is where my friend M-4 and I differ (I think): he wants to take away LDBHB’s golf clubs; I want to take away his presidency." --

      Not the case at all. I would VERY MUCH like to shove said golf clubs up his faggot ass AND take away his presidency. Ooooh... could that be construed to be a THREAT to our Dear Leader?! Naww, Big Brother... just wishful thinking.

      "I suspect that neither of us will get what we want no matter how many nasty comments M-4 leaves about me at other internet or blog sites, or the number of sarcastic emails I get from undisclosed locations in the so-called Sunbelt States." --

      Having a wonderful time SOMEWHERE in FLORIDA... WISH YOU WERE HERE!

    4. Oui, oui, je peux voir la colère aussi. Je soupçonne un excès de café torréfié français.

    5. Louis said: "Yes, I can see the anger too. I suspect an excess of French roasted coffee."

      Naww, Louis... just plain ol' Folgers with a couple of shakes of Tabasco.

    6. Quoi? Un vieux chien de mer comme Jean ne parle pas français ? Comment at-il jamais le faire dans tous les ports de la liberté appel, Louis ? Quant à moi, sans avoir au moins des rudiments de français et vietnamien ( pour ne pas mentionner Pig Latin et Trailer Trash ), j'aurais ont été trouvés face vers le bas , dans mon propre vomi , dans certains allié sombre. Hmmm ... viennent d'y penser , c'est généralement là où la patrouille à terre généralement m'a trouvé.

  5. Hey Louis,

    I know that you speak and write perfect English. I also know that you say Intelligent things. So how about shearing your thoughts with some of us lesser immersed in French?

    1. Above translated for John:
      What? An old seagoing dog like John does not speak French? How did he ever make it in any ports of liberty call, Louis? As for me, without having at least the rudiments of French and Vietnamese (not to mention Pig Latin and Trailer Trash,) I would have have been found face down, in my own puke, in some dark ally. Hmmm... come to think about it, that's usually where the Shore Patrol usually found me.

    2. Ah, those military linguistics! I learned to say "Beer, please," and "How much for your sister?" in 5 different languages. I believe that qualifies me for employment at the UN.

    3. That MORE than qualifies you, Bob!

      If it weren't for that 'Translate' app that I use for Louis (and to piss John off with,) I wouldn't know shit from Shinola what Louis is saying. I have a hard enough time with English.

      Like you, I did study Vietnamese, Okinawan and Spanish enough to get to be fluent in the phrases you mentioned.

      After that, what the hell else do ya need?

  6. Replies

      Perfect, AOW! Just OUTSTANDING!

      So, I have this question that's been nagging me to no end. If shit weasels have this byrum infestation (derived from the name of the alien mold, byrus) that's called 'shit weasel' because it exits the body through the anus, killing the host -- WHEN THE HELL CAN WE EXPECT ALL THESE SHIT WEASELS TO START DYING OFF?!

      Waiting with much enthusiasm and new found hope for 'shit weasel' to start kicking in, I remain faithfully yours --


    2. I knew that you'd like the term.

      Some of Stephen King's work has uses -- never mind that he's a Leftist.

    3. Awww, AOW, don't tell me that! Mrs. Gunny and I are watching "Under the Dome" and now I'll have that taste in my mouth from now on.

      Actually, it's gotten to where I have close my eyes to certain things or I wouldn't have ANY entertainment. I was a whole lot happier when I was drinking.

  7. You know, there is not a single member of this presidential cabinet that gives me much confidence. Overall, I think the US is in serious trouble, and a source of humor for the Syrians, Russians, Taliban, and Al Qaeda.

    Now uh ... shouldn't it be a warning flag to everyone that France is a willing partner of the Obama scheme?

  8. WHAAA?! France?! How will Louis and I communicate?!

    Louis... start learning Polander!

    "Much confidence," Sam?! There's NOT ONE that gives me ANY confidence! I don't think there's a person in the Bathhouse cabinet who has an I.Q. level over the rectal temperature of a tree frog. And, on the Republican side, crybaby 'Boner' hangs right in there with 'em.

    Our enemies can hate us all they want, so long as they fear us... but to LAUGH at us?! It's enough to start making me a crybaby, too. SHEEECH!

  9. I see that Marine has made yet another astute observation. Frogs are cold-blooded animals that have no control over their own body temperature, which is remarkably similar to President Obama, who has no control over his bladder. Obama seems to piss himself every time he meets with President Putin of Russia.

    1. Watch what you say about the frogs, Monsieur. We are a sensitive peoples, no?

    2. Ya know, Robert, Obimbo pisses himself wherever he goes and in everything he does. He was doing it from the get-go, but there was a lot of smoke and mirrors covering him... and the sheeple loved it. The magic show is beginning to fade and something tells me the the 'George Soroses of the World' may need to run in a new quarterback before it's all over with.

      (The above was nothing more than an observation, NSA!)

    3. I'm sorry for the frog comment, Louis. Some of my best friends are frogs... or were before I ate 'em.

      For John:
      Je suis désolé pour le commentaire grenouille, Louis. Certains de mes meilleurs amis sont des grenouilles... ou étaient avant que je les mangeais.