14 January 2013

UPDATE: Secretary Of State Clinton!


  1. I have to agree with Old Bill. I wouldn't want that woman's mouth ... ah ... er ... ah ...

    1. Besides, it's hard (no pun intended) to tell where her mouth begins and the wrinkles end, Odie.

  2. Bill: Well, she's no Monica but she beats the heck out of the 1st Wookiee! Why don't you give it a try?

  3. She's no Monica? She's not even a Madeleine Albright! LOL.

  4. Wheweee... you got THAT right!

  5. These Progressive people sound like the biggest hypocrites in earth! They have the gall to call the First Lady beautiful, and fit... even a girdle could contain that gigantic stomach and her fat behind. And she eats like a starving cow so much for “healthy eating”.
    And these Progressive bloggers are such a racist Hypocrites who are the true meaning calling the kettle or the pot black.
    Ever hear the saying about people who live in Glass Houses should not throw Stones?. Well, someone should tell Moochele about it. I couldn’t care less about her or anything she says but she should be called The First Hypocrite, not the First Lady!
    And by the way, what has Obama done for black people? I think that he has done more for illegal Mexicans then he has for Blacks. But they are to blind and drank too much of his koolaide to realize that. Chew on this! 96% of African-Americans voted for this guy, ask yourself why. The majority of the blacks voters in America just go to the polls blindly give their support to a man ONLY because he is black.

    I don’t give a flying fig about Michelle or he stupid new Hairdo that make her look like a cow., When she said it that remark about not being proud of America before her hubby was nominated for president she meant it.
    I always believed and still do that she is full of herself. As for that comment about The first time in her adult being proud of American, she said it and she meant it, and now the Progressives are trying to wiggle out of it as they always do whenever they say something stupid, like Hillary and Biden ALWAYS do.
    The bottom line is that she has not been proud of her country before this campaign, and she is a hypocrite in just about everything she says and does. Lets face it, what the hell has Obama done in the past 4 years? He is long on his BS speeches but falls short on specifics.. America still owes 48 trillion, China still undersells us. Jobs are still be outsourced to India, and all over the 3rd world countries. . Iran will win under Obama, his sanctions are meaningless. Sanctions in Iran don't work, period. And Iran will definitely get their nuclear weapons, no matter how Biden lies about it even with his stupid as disrespectful grins. Resulting in two more middle east wars with nukes in the mix. Japanese vehicles will still outsell American vehicles. America will still be dependent on middle east oil, millions of Americans will still be without health care, taking more from the achieves won’t make a damn of a difference even if it’s the most socialistic thing ever done to Americans. . So what change are they talking about? Where is the improvement under Obama? Somebody? Anybody?
    I will always be proud of this country, no matter what Michele Obama says, but I long for the day she and The Emperor are out of my life. And I have news for the President and the Vice President just in case they haven found it out for themselves yet. Israel is our friend and Iran is our enemy.