23 October 2013

Jay “Baghdad Bob” Carney...

Faking It, Winging It, Dodging His Way Around. 
From clashdaily.com: NBC’s Chuck Todd bluntly asked White House spokesman Jay Carney Monday who “misled” President Obama by letting him make promises about the Obamacare website that it has been simply unable to meet.  
Carney said Obama was frustrated and focused on making improvements, but Todd kept asking who “let him down” and continued to pound away at the administration’s inability to explain what has gone so wrong with the website:

You know the reason they didn’t give this job to an older guy? An older guy doing Carney’s job would probably say, “OK. That’s it. I give up. Bathhouse and I have been lying to you for five years. We’re all incompetent. I quit.”

The older guy would just go on and retire -- someone as young as Carney still needs to work another 25 years. 

As Stilton Jarlsberg (who does the Hope n’ Change cartoons) says, “Despite having a budget approximately $600,000,000 million less than Healthcare.gov, Hope n’ Change Cartoons has managed to make our website work just fine...” 

Isn’t that amazing? 

In other words, she’s demanding 50% more from her people than is logically, humanly, or mathematically possible. Which makes Hope n’ Change wonder -- how many of the other components of Obamacare are required to function at 150%, 500%, or a trillion-jillion% over what is actually possible? 
There is an increasing tide of news articles suggesting that the real problem with healthcare.gov (and the backend systems, if anyone ever gets that far) isn’t so much the code or the contractors, but the inept government supervision which has demanded the impossible, based on requirements that are unintelligible, all of which is supervised by clueless, politically motivated bureaucrats. And inevitably, this disaster will result in human suffering and deaths. 
Frankly, this is enough of a mess that we think some highly-placed administration officials should be sentenced to jail time. 
And be forced to serve 150% of it.

And maybe a copy of Windows which wasn’t bootlegged.


  1. Here's a clue ... they don't have a clue.

    1. They can't have a clue. It takes a working mind to have a clue.

  2. I have to wonder if Jay Carney will soon "resign." But who would hire him?

    1. I don't think the Mafia would even touch him.

  3. Marine4Ever,
    THIS will light up your board: "Obama to put Marines in “girly hats."


      Tell me this is a joke... PLEASE!

      I WOULD BE GOING TO PRISON IF I WROTE WHAT I'M THINKING! (I may go to prison, anyway.)


  4. Carney's married to a big one in manstream media. Shocka.

    Did y'all notice the hacker sites all over the place that, according to cyber-security experts, will fool over 30% of people who intend to sign up with the gov?
    Healthcare.COM for example, setup by hackers to catch people who intended to go to healthcare.GOV and made that super easy mistake.
    The healthcare.COM was a no brainer for the government to buy and keep out of the hands of hackers. Shows how incompetent they are even more.

    Hey, not to say healthcare.GOV isn't infected with hackers and probably back doors programmed in by the cretins hired to write the damn thing n the first place. I wouldn't touch it with a trillion foot pole.
    I think we're going to be reading about Large Numbers of people who have had their identities stolen while trying to sign up for the expensive government healthcare.
    Then I read people who sign up and are quoted a price may end up having to pay twice as much as quoted.

    This evil cluster is JUST getting started.

    Some reporter asked the lesbian why they didn't hire the A team to begin with. she didn't have an answer.

    But oblammy has time to F with Marine hats.....
    6 years and still lowering the bar by feet not inches.
    This is Not your Dad's incompetent bastard democrat pres-a-dent....

    Then oBAMa comes out and say 2 million lines of code have to be re-written but the good site will be available in a couple weeks.

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kid,
      This evil cluster is JUST getting started.

      Exactly so!

      When will Obama's devotees desert him?

    2. I'm afraid they won't AOW. They're dug in. True information means nothing to them. In fact I think it's actually painful to their brains. Seriously.

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  5. @ AOW and Kid --

    I've been on the wagon for 20 some-odd years (I won't bore y'all with the months, days, hours and minutes) but I may just go back to drinking.

  6. Maybe Sibelus gets some of her ideas here:


  7. AOW,

    " a no-bid contract, to boot"

    I wonder why we haven't heard more about this issue? At least this is my first. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. John... you REALLY wonder?

    2. "John... you REALLY wonder?"

      Silly Me! Where is Enema? I always look forward to helping with her/him/its therapy.


    Yes, when I first noticed this Zombie I wondered if her apparent hair treatment was inspired by the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Mayonnaise look. On a warm day I bet we would see some drippings-OMG!