16 February 2015

President's Day Has Been The Same For The Past Six Years.

So has my salute.

Doc J, over at HopeNChange, says and illustrates it so well:
Today is President's Day... the day that the Post Office celebrates by giving us exactly the same amount of service that we’re getting from the current occupant (or is that occupier?) of the Oval Office.

Today is President’s Day - a day for us to celebrate the births of two great American Presidents, and to mourn the fact that we’re currently stuck with a miserable little weasel turd who is pretending to be king while systematically dismantling our country. 
Barack Hussein Obama (tantalizingly known to his many radical Islamic relatives in Africa as “Our American Cousin”)
 Or, better known to me as Obamohammad.
For the rest of us, the day largely boils down to two things: no mail and President’s Day sales.  
Which, when you think about it, rather perfectly symbolizes the current officeholder: a lack of government services and, thanks to his “if you like your health insurance you can keep it” promise, the biggest and sleaziest sales job in our nation’s history.
I wonder... will I ever be able to fly the Colors, without a mourning streamer and right-side up, in my lifetime?