29 September 2013

These Moments Are Just So Precious.

George H.W. Bush Witness At Same-Sex Wedding.

Naww, Helen Thomas wasn’t there... I don’t think. 

I just threw her in ’cause she looks like First Sergeant Przybyszewski. We used to call him First Sergeant Alphabet -- in our minds.

It's a wonder that Bathhouse Barry didn't come swishing up, riding on his Democratic ass.

Let's reword that: It's a wonder the asshole didn't come swishing up. Period.

We can thank AOW (ALWAYS ON WATCH) for bringing this one to our attention! Just when ya think it can’t get any worse, it will... and IT DOES!

09 September 2013

Just Business As Usual At The White House.

The article below is from Maggie’s Notebook. All the links indicated are in her original posting. 

It just gets deeper and deeper:
If you haven’t gotten a stomach full of the Obimbo brothers by now, Maggie has an excellent follow-up story about the ties both of them have to (guess what?!) the Moslem Brotherhood and the billions of U.S. dollars being used in the hoped-for purchase of a 40% portion Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula for the Moslem Brotherhood’s sister group, Hamas. 

Just business as usual for America.

05 September 2013

We Interrupt This Post... An Important Announcement!

Below is a reblog from Bob Mack’s Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead  post. Go to his site to see the original and render him a smart salute for putting this on his page.

Today, we (as in, Mrs. Gunny and myself) are in Florida and plan on making a little day trip over to see Mustang and his beautiful wife. Okay, okay... stand AT EASE, Colonel. Just kidding! You can quit shoving the dogs and the Mrs. in the car as you try to make a quick exit. Besides, we have a beautiful condo overlooking the snow white beach and the beautiful waters of Destin. It would take a WMD to get us outta here.

Early this morning, from our fourth floor balcony, we noticed an older gentleman walking very slowly down the sidewalk. His back was to us and he was stooped over and using a cane. He could barely put one step in front of the other and it took him forever to get to the wooden steps that led down to the beach.

When he got to the sand, he took off his shoes and neatly put them on the railing. After making sure his shoes were secure, he began rolling up his trouser legs. After accomplishing this (which seemed to take forever,) he proceeded to walk to the edge of the ocean, kicking up bits of pieces of this and that with his cane... again, seemingly to take forever.

Mrs. Gunny knows military and commented that she thought that he had probably been in the military. I told her, “Yes, he’s military and he’s saying ‘Goodbye’ to the sea. He knows that he may never be able to do this again.”

As the warrior stood at the edge of the sea, he did exactly what I thought he’d do; he came to a smart ‘Parade Rest’ and stood there for several moments. I have to admit, it brought a lump to my throat. An old man and the sea -- just one more time.

As he made his way back our way, I put my binoculars on him to look at the cap he was wearing. We were both right about his being in the military -- wrong about the service years. Across the front of the cap: “Korean Veteran -- The Chosin Few.”

Semper Fidelis.

03 September 2013

What Obama, Biden Did After ‘Strike Syria’ Speech Even Disgusts Media.

Apparently there is no crisis, no threat to national security -- nothing -- that will stop President Obama from playing golf.

Four American diplomats slaughtered in Benghazi? He played golf. A terrorist attack in Boston that killed four, including a young child? He still played golf. Holy hell reigning down in Egypt? A vacation to Martha’s Vineyard to play lots of golf.
Well, so what? We all know you never let a serious tee time go to waste.
And on Saturday, literally within minutes of announcing he had decided the U.S. should engage in a military strike in Syria and asked Congressional to approve that strike, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden hightailed it out of the Rose Garden to, yes, go play golf. 
NBC News’ Carrie Dunn was tweeting on the president’s remarks regarding Syria Saturday afternoon and quoted Obama saying Syria’s chemical attack “is an assault on human dignity. It also presents a serious danger to our national security.” 
 Not long after, Dunn tweeted:
“They played at nearby Fort Belvoir with regular Obama golfing partner Marvin Nicholson, the White House trip director, and with Nicholson’s brother, Walter Nicholson, rounding out the foursome,” Fox News reported. 
On Fox News Sunday, an agitated Chris Wallace asked Sec. of State John Kerry: 
“Mr. Secretary, what message are we sending to Iran and Hezbollah and North Korea when the president announces he thinks we should take military action, but he’s going to wait nine days for Congress to come back before he takes any action, and then he goes off and plays a round of golf? What message does that send to the rebels on the ground whose lives are in danger and to our enemies who are watching?”
It wasn’t so long ago when we had a president with enough human dignity and compassion, forget political savvy, to understand that there comes a time when the commander-in-chief must lead, instill confidence, and at least give the impression of caring that people are dying or will die during military action. 
You can kiss that kind of thinking, "Adios." Read the rest of it here. 

I’m going back over to Bob Mack’s post ‘cause he’s got Obama Goes To Congress -- otherwise entitled Breaking Stupid -- going on over there. Bob pulled a really good quote from the TV series, Breaking Bad. Bathhouse Barry would do well to take the quote under advisement: “Sitting around, smoking marijuana, eating Cheetos and masturbating do not constitute ‘plans.’” -- Walter White / Breaking Bad.