03 April 2014

April Fool... NOT!

Stilton Jarlsberg, over at Hope n’ Change, has tried to pass the following off as fake news stories. I’m not buying it! I’ve told Dr. J that I know fiction when I see it and read it! These are as real as they get! What's the deal?! We've got the Lamestream Media passing fiction off as news and the REAL STUFF being passed off as fiction. 

Readers -- In the spirit of April Fool’s Day (which, frankly, we think should also be the date on which elections are held, considering the poltroons and simpletons we tend to elect) Hope n’ Change posted a handful of fake news stories on Facebook yesterday. None are true -- but sadly, all are pretty believable. And hopefully, you’ll also find them all funny!
You’ll note the “Barack Obama’s Dead Fly” logo -- that’s a conservative Facebook group with a large following, for whom we occasionally create snarky content. They’re good folks -- check ‘em out on Facebook if you haven’t already!
And now, on with the “breaking news” from April Fool’s Day, 2014...

Speaking of an April Fool joke -- Hey, sHrILLARY!

And I'm STILL wondering...