26 June 2013

Am I Missing Something Here?

If these nimrods aren't exercising the freedom of expression, then what  is it? (Rhetorical question.) 

Inbreeding. It'll catch you every time.

17 June 2013

The Continuing Saga.

So, You Think ‘Moslem’ Means ‘Moderate.’

Suffice it to say, Always On Watch poked the bear when she asked me, “Blog fuel?”
This story shows the human cost of this accommodation to evil.

01 June 2013

A Marine Veteran’s Stinging Letter To Sen. Marco Rubio

While I'm STILL trying to get my act together on a post about Mohammedans (that name REALLY pisses 'em off,) Sharia Law, Pedophiles and other Islamic / Moslem pig innards,  I just had to throw this one in that Mustang sent me the other day. It's TOO good. Thanks, Colonel! Semper Fi!

I've only included the first couple or three paragraphs to get you started. Read the rest of the story (apologies, Paul Harvey) hereIt's TOO good!

Would Bathhouse Barry + Marco Polo Rubio = Marxism / Democrats / Mohammedans (that name REALLY pisses 'em off,) Communism / Socialism?